Affordable SEOKell Web Solutions are SEO Consultants in the San Bernardino County and Orange County areas, offering affordable SEO services to small business clients nationwide. Our Search Engine Optimization services show measurable results to drive more traffic to your site and get your phone ringing. We provide National SEO Services to target national or global markets as well as Search Marketing Services to target local traffic. Our SEO Services includes the following:

Competitive SEO Research:

Define the competitive landscape & agree upon ranking goals. Competitive research helps define the magnitude of the SEO project. Once the level of competition is understood, appropriate strategies are decided upon to reach first page ranking for up to 8 major SEO keywords.

Keyword SEO Research:

Review of website content and historical search data to determine best keywords to maximize traffic.

Effective SEO marketing campaigns consist of:

  • “On-page factors”
  • “Off-page factors”

Kell Web Solutions’ SEO experts engage both areas for maximum value to our customers.

On-page Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization of website for up to 10 keywords and phrases. (A given web page generally cannot be well-optimized for more than 4 phrases.)

  • Title Metatag: The page title is one of the most important attributes of a page. It must be keyword-rich with an appropriate keyword density.
  • Description Metatag: The Description tag is frequently shown by Search Engines. The tag must be keyword rich & compel the searcher & click to the site. Good SEO description tags increase targeted traffic.
  • Page Copy: Keywords in the home page text in an appropriate keyword density enhances search engine rankings. Professionally copy written text, especially on the home page, absolutely results in higher conversion of visitors to customer.
  • Search Engines greatly value fresh & relevant content. Presently, there are two effective methods for a website to be fresh & relevant: Weblogs (blogs) & RSS feeds
  • KS recommends incoming RSS feeds . Search Engines view websites with RSS feeds as relevant and important, contributing to higher rankings.
  • Blogs that are updated frequently are visited often by Search Engines & gain Top Page Rank quickly. Blogs draw incoming links like a large magnet, are content-rich, topic-focused and can attract very loyal readership.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization:

Optimizing a web page, while important, can only go so far toward reaching top ranking goals. Effective Link Building, by a professional SEO Agency, has no limit on how much it can help Search Engine Rankings. The most effective way to improve search rankings on all search engines is via link building using SEO Software specifically designed for link building campaigns.

  • Links from other webmasters are perceived by Search Engines as unbiased votes. Who links to a given site and with what link text are the #1 ranking criteria for competitive phrases in all major Search Engines.
  • Reciprocal link exchange essentially swaps links with other websites.
  • One-way link are of greater value than reciprocal links.

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