Where to Find the Top Free Templates for Your CMS

When you’re trying to choose a CMS, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Aspects, expenditure, and overall quality are all things to pay attention to. But there might be one factor you’re not considering for your CMS: The free templates it has available.

Design is everything in a website. With premium themes being so expensive, you are able to not initially be able to afford one, so you’ll have to rely on the default templates provided to you.

Let’s go over some top CMS options with huge free themes, so you can have a beautiful website without having to pay exorbitant quantities of money.


Sanremo WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for sheer variety, WordPress is definitely the way to go. It comes with a handful of customizable light themes right on its website. These simple, photography-focused templates more than get the job done.

If you’re willing to pay for premium themes, you’ll discover WordPress’s true diversity. There are thousands of user-made themes out there. Sites like Envato Elements volunteer slew of selections so do some probing to find what you need.


Jumpstart Shopify Theme

Shopify is an e-commerce CMS aimed primarily at larger transactions, so many of its premium themes can come out to roughly $200. Luckily, there are also 10 free topics made by Shopify itself, all give the grandeur you’ll need to show off your brand-new online accumulate. They even come in multiple styles.

The CMS is also somewhat favourite, so you can expect to find free third-party Shopify themes online.


Versus Webflow Theme

Webflow is a code-free CMS realise for designers, so you’d expect their themes to be great- and you would be right. Their free themes are very distinctive from one another. Don’t expect the same bland template over and over again.

There’s quite a few more of them than other CMS opponents tend to offer as well, available in a range of categories. And since this platform focuses on design, you’ll be able to customize them as much as you want.


Bedford Squarespace Theme

If your website constitutes consume of abundance of beautiful photography, any Squarespace template would work well for you. There are over twenty themes, all available on any Squarespace plan, and each one a great example of luxurious design.

The one downside to Squarespace is that there are few third-party themes accessible, and a majority are payment. So, if you don’t like any of the free default themes, it was possible to best to pick a different CMS.


YG Glow Drupal Theme

This free and open source CMS was created by a dedicated society of makes, and they haven’t forgot to fill out the theme project with virtually 3,000 free templates.

The problem is that it isn’t very friendly to navigate. Countless topics shortfall demos or even screenshots, so your only option is to download each one to see if you like it.

Luckily, Drupal Free Themes was created to fix this issue. This website has a clean layout and is much less confusing to steer, and every theme comes with a demo and a directory of reliances. If you affection Drupal for its features but struggle to find a good topic, you are able to have very good of both worlds.

The Best CMS Templates

There are many CMS options with impressive free templates out there, and this is just a handful of them. Which should you choose?

Shopify and Squarespace offer elegant templates with no fuss. They’re good preferences if you exactly crave a beautiful topic right out the gate. Webflow also has great themes, and has a high degree of customization accessible as well with its design-focused CMS.

Drupal and WordPress both share a large community that’s stirred thousands of themes. Drupal hosts them right on its website, though its themes tend to be simpler and reached with functionality in memory. WordPress themes often have a larger focus on beauty and design.

Whatever you choose, remember that you’ll be reinforced if you’re willing to do some digging. Almost every CMS has a community creating third-party themes that are entirely free to download. You just have to be able to find them.

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