Website Design Considerations for Tiffany Eyelash Extensions

Website Design for Tiffany Eyelash Extensions included building a mobile friendly website. Mobile Friendly sites should also be Responsive websites.  Responsive websites adjust to all device types, such as Desktop, Laptop or I-phone. The Kell Solutions web design team listened to the owner, Tiffany.  The final web design was whimsical and incorporated Tiffany’s desired graphic image.  An SSL Security certificate was added for protection against hackers.  Pages included, Home, About, Gallery, Services and Contact.

Important Website Design Considerations

When building the site, our developers took the following content guidelines into consideration:
1.  Build Authority:
  • Contact information should be clearly provided: e-mail address, snail mail address, phone number, and fax number.
  • Credentials: the author should state qualifications, credentials, or personal background that gives them authority to present information.
  • Check to see if they are supported by an organization or a commercial body

2. Purpose:

  • The purpose of the information presented in the site should be clear. Some sites are meant to inform, persuade, state an opinion, entertain, or parody something or someone.
  • Does the content support the purpose of the site?
  • Is the information geared to a specific audience (students, scholars, general reader)?
  •  Is the site organized and focused?
  • Are the outside links appropriate for the site?
  • Check the domain of the site. The URL may indicate its purpose.

3.  Accuracy

  • Reliability: Is the author affiliated with a known, respectable institution?
  • References: do statistics and other factual information receive proper references as to
    their origin?
  • Does the reading you have already done on the subject make the information seem
  • Is the information comparable to other sites on the same topic?
  • Does the text follow basic rules of grammar, spelling
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