Unicorn Marketers are Getting Insane Results by Using These 6 Facebook Messenger Bot Tactics

I know you know it. Facebook Messenger chatbots are a thing.

You understand the ads on Facebook. Your peer gone on about them in a recent crew meeting.

And maybe you’ve already read a few sections on DigitalMarketer’s blog about them.

But I’m not just going to tell you about chatbots. I want to show you the raw, unbridled, high-octane power of Messenger chatbots.

I’ve laid out 6 proven policies that I have used, how they act, and the results they gave me. Trust me. By the end of this post you will be scrambling to get your own Messenger commerce going.

This is a tactic-driven article, unicorn mode. If you’re ready to take your marketing sciences to unicorn shore, this is what you need.

Unicorn Graphic

1. Create a chit-chat smash that achieves 70% open rates.

Getting 80% open proportions clangs far-fetched, but it’s actually normal in the world of Facebook Messenger sell, AKA Unicorn World.

Compare 80% open charges to the average email marketing open rate–what is it, 5-10% on a good day?

Showing how messenger can help your business better than email

The chatbot builder MobileMonkey has a feature announced “chat blaster” that I tried out to see if I could get a higher open frequency than an email. The schmooze blaster sends a message to your entire contact register or a segmented group.

Here’s the read proportion report from a schmooze detonation I recently sent.

showing read rates on an email

The 76% open charge isn’t some kind of data anomaly. It’s par for the course with chat blasts.

My Facebook Page has a large obeying. But the dimensions of the a page’s admirers is more of a pride metric, and it isn’t nearly as important as high levels of engagement.

But sending a chat blast like above produced a sizable grow in sessions.

Showing the increased sessions

Using a chit-chat bomb can boost your participation proportions, keep your contacts active, and ultimately drive more conversions.

2. Forget slow email drip campaigns. Use Messenger Drip safaruss instead.

For all the talk of email marketing being the Old faithful of sell tricks, let’s only admit that email engagement metrics can be abysmal. See above.

But what about dripping campaigns? How do you run a successful drip campaign without email?

Easy. Facebook Messenger.

You can lead a prospect through your part campaign in a matter of hours as opposed to a matter of daytimes, as is the case with email. Plus, with sky-high engagement rates, I’ve had far better success when are comparable to email.

Typically, the drip expeditions that I use with my Page’s Messenger subscribers starts out with a simple welcome message and a CTA for the user to check out my blog.

Showing message from Facebook Messenger Bot Campaign

The next day, I punched them with a tip-off and a nudge to make the next step–watching a demo or predicting more.

Showing Messenger message from messenger bot campaign

Drip safaruss can take a wide variety of forms–leading up to a video, a free consultation, a webinar, or a download. And it all happens within the Messenger ecosystem.

3. Harness the superpower of commerce automation with RSS Blasting on Facebook Messenger.

RSS has been around for a long time–nearly 20 years! But the age-old engineering does brand-new life when you supercharge it with a Messenger bot.

Here’s how RSS blasting works in its Facebook Messenger incarnation.

You add your feed in a chatbot developer, hand-picked your audience, configure a few alternatives, and snap the switch.

Showing RSS blaster option

As long as your RSS is up and running successfully, each time you publicize something to the RSS, your Messenger contacts get pinged with the update.

You can create as many RSS blasters as you crave, which will serve you well when it comes to segmenting audiences and delivering specific content species to specific groups of users.

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4. Slash Facebook Ad CPA by 95% using Click-to-Messenger ads instead of traditional Facebook display ads.

I’ve come to the point where I don’t even use traditional Facebook ads anymore.

Big waste of money.

What do I use instead? Click to Messenger ads.

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I was wasting $150-200 per make when I was using traditional ads, which was drying up my ad budget and getting me terrifying results. Conversion charges were shoddy, and even with my unicorn level targeting hackers, this was unacceptable.

That’s when I started consuming Click to Messenger ads. Instead of a $200 CPA, it dropped to$ 5 approximately overnight.

Showing CPA on a recent ad from MobileMonkey

Was it because I had some occult ad print or an fascinate imaginative?

No. It’s because I converted the CTA from “Learn More”( or a discrepancy thereof) to “Send Message.”

showing ad with click to Messenger option

( You can see the whole ad here .)

When a prospect clicks on your ad CTA( “Send Message”) they are invited to join your contact list. Once they corroborate, they remain a contact in perpetuity( unless they take action to unsubscribe ).

Essentially, this means your ad changeover frequency is 100 %. When a contact sounds “Send Message, ” you get their contact information and can message them in Facebook Messenger.

5. Put a Messenger Widget to your website and bring in barrels of brand-new contacts.

Messenger widgets are, in my view, one of the must-have features of a website. It’s the kind of thing that turns ho-hum websites into splendid unicorn conduct gushers.

A Messenger widget is a simple WordPress plugin that allows people to join your Messenger contact list directly from your website.

On MobileMonkey, our widget living in the lower right-hand corner the place. If useds are logged into Facebook or Messenger on their browser, the Messenger widget recollects them, salutes them by epithet, and invites them to send a message.

When not logged in, the widget poses them with the invited to log into Messenger.

showing a widget prompting logging into Messenger

One of the reasons why the plugin is so powerful is because it allows potential clients another access point to join your Messenger contact list.

A lot of marketers become forestalled because their contact list isn’t stretching like they want it to, and their contact is low. The plugin conversions all of that by turning website traffic into brand-new contact leads.

The guiding Messenger chatbot plugin is WP Chatbot, with more than 20,000 active installations and 100% 5-star reviews.

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6. Blow up your Facebook Messenger contact list by turning berth commenters into red-hot leads.

This is one of my favorite skills, and I’m frankly astounded that more people don’t is well known it.

It designs like this ­čśŤ TAGEND

You create a regular organic Facebook post, You supplemented a comment guard using MobileMonkey. Now, all persons who notes on the pole will be invited to join your Messenger contact list

This is brilliant, because the more employing your Facebook post, the more people you’ll add to your list.

Here’s one that I announced a while back.

Showing engagement on a comment guard enabled post

Notice what I did with this one. I shared a silly but plotting quiz.

In order to get the answer to the quiz, respondents have to post their guess in the comments.

Clever, huh?

There are plenty of ways to create ultra-engaging affixes just like this.

You can invite your followers to announce their Monday morning mood with a gif Abuse their phone’s autocomplete to finish the sentence “At work, I really want to…” Or something evenly silly

You’ll be amazed by the engagement. And all of that engagement translates into more Messenger contacts.

Pro Tip: To get even more engagement, improved the pole. A few dollars of lift can transformed into hundreds or even tens of thousands of added actions, notes, and brand-new Messenger contact list leads.

Showing comment guards on the MobileMonkey site

Wrapping It Up

When you reach the end of any section like this( thank you, by the way ), there’s a tendency to mull “Cute. Another thing that takes time( that I don’t have ), involves money( that my boss won’t permit ), and involves a brand-new skill( that I don’t have the patience to acquire ).

But here are three points of self-confidence I can give you about the strategies I precisely laid down by ­čśŤ TAGEND

Time–Creating a terminated Messenger chatbot takes a few minutes, especially when using a Messenger template Money–The chatbot make MobileMonkey is free. Obviously, there are plans that include more features and functionality, but you are able to improved terminated, working chatbot cycles without spending a dime. New Skill–As long as you select the title chatbot builder, creating a Messenger chatbot doesn’t require any coding skills.

Chatbots aren’t some sublime, mysterious, someday-we-should-do-that various kinds of a thing.

These are the exact skills that are getting unicorn outcomes right now. Messenger chatbots are showing more sell muscle than any other marketing tactic I know of.

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