Ubersuggest 6.0: Track and Improve Your Rankings Without Learning SEO

I’ve been an SEO for roughly 17 years now.

And one thing that has remained constant , no matter how much you know about SEO, there is just too much to do.

So much so, that most SEOs don’t even optimize their own websites anymore. And if they do, you’ll find that their site doesn’t rank for numerous competitive terms.


Because it is a lot of work!

That’s why I’m stimulated to announce Ubersuggest 6.0.

It now tracks and improves your standings, even though it is you don’t have an SEO bone in your body.

So, what’s brand-new?

Dashboard and login

First off, you can now keep track of all of your websites. You’ll have to register to use this aspect, but don’t worry, it’s free.

Once you register, you’ll be dropped into a dashboard.

Now for me, I’m once moving a few websites. Which is why my dashboard is already populated.

The dashboard will keep track of your SEO mistakes, relation growth( or diminish ), your monthly exploration transaction, your overall inquiry ranks, and any SEO mistakes that you need to fix.

Best of all, it crawls your website for you each and every week so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

And with the search positions peculiarity, you are able to automatically move how your ranks are changing on a daily basis.

Rank tracking

Within each website you add to the dashboard, you’ll be able to automatically road your positions for any specific keyword.

Not merely are you able to track your ranks on desktop manoeuvres, but Ubersuggest too shows how you rank on mobile devices.

If you want to track specific keywords, all you have to do is click Add Keywords and it will pluck a roll of suggestion from your Google Search Console. Of course, you can also track any other keyword even if it doesn’t show up in your Search Console.

What’s also cool is that you have the ability to track your positions in each of the countries, city, or region. That implies if you do regional SEO or international SEO, you can see your ranks anywhere.

There’s also a time picker so formerly you’ve been using Ubersuggest for a while, you’ll be able to see a neat planned to seeing how your rankings are improving over time.


What’s enormous about these changes is you can now immediately see how Ubersuggest is helping you develop your search traffic.

It will automatically keep track of all of your the modifications and notify you where reference is learns any brand-new SEO issues to fix.

And over the next few months, you’ll find a few cases more aspects added that will build your life even easier.

One example is that I’ll introduce email notifies so that you don’t have to log into Ubersuggest anymore and it emails you when there is an issue that needs your attention.

I’ll also be adding in competitive analysis pieces. You’ll be able to track your challengers and be notified when they make an SEO or marketing alter that you should look at.

And my long-term goal is to make it so you don’t even have to code or making such a deepens manually. Ubersuggest will eventually be able to go into your website and constitute these reparations for you. However, this boast won’t happen until next year sometime.

So, what do “youre thinking about” the brand-new Ubersuggest? Give it a try … make sure you create your free chronicle.

PS: If you missed it, I liberated some cool pieces like neighbourhood keyword the studies and a billion-plus keyword database last week. Click hereto get the update on those brand-new Ubersuggest features.

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