Ubersuggest 5.0: Generate 1 Million Keyword Suggestions in 7 Seconds (Seriously)

Ubersuggest started out as a tool that provided suggestions through Google Suggest.

And although that’s great, everyone these days is using Google Suggest to come up with keyword ideas.

There have to be more keyword theories out there that do more pursuing publication and aren’t competitive, right?

Well, there are, and now with the new Ubersuggest, you’ll get access to them.

Here are the 2 big changes I am compiling with this release…

Introducing a new keyword database

Because we have upshots in our database for more than a billion different keywords, I thought it would be fun to tap into it and provide you with even more keyword suggestions.

Now when you perform a examine on Ubersuggest for any keyword, you’ll identify a “related” tab with even more suggestions.

And each tab shows you how many keywords are in that group.

As you can see for the call” digital commerce”, time in the United States there are over 30,000 keyword recommendations.

And for periods like “dog”, there are over 1 million keyword recommendations.


Don’t worry though, is submitted in accordance with Google Suggest are still there for the purposes of the “suggestions” invoice but you can now look even more search calls if you click on ” related “.

What’s cool is that you can even export all of the keywords via CSV.

And if you want to leverage the filters to fine-tune the results, you can easily do so.


For example, I applied the filters providing to find keywords with a minimum research publication of 400 researches a month and a peak SEO difficulty of 50. Ubersuggest then fine-tuned the results to 489 keywords applicable to” digital marketing” that I should consider target instead of me having to manually go through 30,000 plus recommendations.

And with the CSV report, it adjusts as the puts with the filters vary. So you can export the keywords that you want and reject the keywords you aren’t planning to target.

Ubersuggest now has regional exploration

Another big change that we made to Ubersuggest is that we introduced regional keyword research.

You can now pull up keyword stats and opinions on any metropolitan, county, part, or country.

For example, if I want to know the search loudnes and keyword to recommend to West Hollywood, California, I been in a position to do so.

From there, Ubersuggest presents keyword research loudnes, keyword recommendations, and even content ideas for a blog post.

On top of that, when you ability over to the “keyword ideas” report, you’ll also was noted that the SERPs decisions, which indicates all of the places that rank for that term, are now adjusted to also demonstrate the grading places within that region.

So, what’s next for Ubersuggest?

Well, speaking of keyword research, you’ll start examine keyword recommendations based on questions, comparings, and prepositions like Answers the Public within a month.

And, of course, as I predicted earlier, next Tuesday I am liberating the grade tracking and dashboard aspects on Ubersuggest.

If you haven’t previously, chief on over to Ubersuggest to give the new keyword database a try.

And if you are trying to use the regional SEO facets, you may find that they were work once you are in the app.

I haven’t been able to determine the changes to the central Ubersuggest landing page yet, but once you type in a keyword and test it out, you can then switch your location to any city.

So, what do you think of the changes?

PS: Make sure you test Ubersuggest out.

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