Top Google Ranking: Killer Content or Link Popularity?

Small business website owners all want and expect the same outcome: Top Google Ranking. But how? Should the custom website design be developed with superior content in mind? Or should the web site be built on a way that magnetically attracts quantities of incoming links?

Top Google Ranking

Kell Web Solutions, Inc. suggests the best solution is to concentrate on generating superior content – through an effective Business Blogging Service. Links, targeted traffic and sales will certainly follow.

Looking at the nature and work processes required to generate excellent content and high quality links, it is true that both work together to generate top Google ranking. It’s amazing how first place – top Google ranking – makes your web site and web pages much more popular. Inbound links are important for obtaining top Google ranking while if your custom website design does not have enough good quality content, nobody will link to it. Through meaningful informative relevant content, visitors feel compelled to visit the site again and again. This traffic is mainly generated by top Google ranking which varies directly with the quantity of incoming one way links.

Top Google Ranking Tips

On its philosophy page Google says, “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. Therefore small business website owners must build the best possible web site rich in value content which another will feel glad to link back to; and good rankings will automatically follow through inbound links. For long term optimization, the focus should be on the quality of a web page rather than how to achieve a higher ranking. The best way to achieve top Google ranking is to use a profitable business blogging service to build up a good web site with excellent informative content, as content surely rules the universe of SEO.

Keys to Top Google Ranking:

  1. Add a WordPress blog
  2. Use Utility Poster
  3. Use SEOpressor software

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Top Google Ranking