Thoughts (Plus a Eureka Moment) from a WordPress Website Builder User

I’m not frequently the one to write revaluations about products or services I’ve applied unless they prove to be very good or very bad.

Writing about something that’s “OK” seems hardly worth the effort.

The past few WordPress builders I’ve been using have been “OK”, with at least one of them rating 3+ performs in my sentiment, but still nothing to write home about.

Two of the three didn’t have all the features I required in a WordPress builder. The best of the bunch did, but it could be difficult to use at times and make reinforce wasn’t the best.

I should add that I act as a freelancer and mostly in a lone wolf capacity. Although, I do correspond and sometimes collaborate with several of my peers on social media.

One of them suggested I share my experience with others; hence this article.

The suggestion was originated when I told him about my brand-new WordPress builder and why it was not only far greater than “OK” but has proven to be a game changer.

I’m sure most of my peers are in the same boat, preparing do with tools that compas from OK to very good definitely, and occasionally coming upon a game changer.

Like the Eureka moment that happened to me.

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What I Always Wanted in a WordPress Builder- Even When I Wasn’t Always Well informed It

I look for various key things in a WordPress builder. The first ones I use appeared to be satisfactory until I have something missing or less than ideal. What I looked for and wasn’t always there generally involved one of three things 😛 TAGEND Ease of Use

I like a understand arch that’s flat, or at worst has a very gentle slope. A steep discover swerve can make it difficult to complete a project fast.

Responsive Preview

I like to see what I’ve done as soon as I’ve done it, and I like to see how it will be issued on any device.

Free Templates and Factors

The more the better. But at least fairly of them so I don’t have to code anything from scratch. The templates need to be easy to customize and I need to be able to place the elements( buttons, video actors etc .) with ease wherever I want.

An eCommerce website on a laptop computer screen.

The Other Developer

I won’t name the 3 others I’ve exerted since they may work well for others.

After all, it’s not uncommon to find a product that receives both a 1- and 5-star rating and everything in between. What’s been OK for me could be a real game-changer or a ghastly alternative for someone else.

Like I said earlier. None of my picks constructed it much past a 3.

All three were easy to use, although one of them could not be described as “intuitive” and needed supportive documentation.

One of them paucity a genuine WYSIWYG feature and neither of the others afforded what you would consider to be a genuinely responsive live preview.

Only one of the three, the one I liked best, had templates and points to work with. The customizable templates were punishment, but the elements weren’t all that helpful.

My Deal Breaker- the Visual Composer Website Builder Free Version

Screen from Visual Composer Website Builder

I’ve heard about Visual Composer- the Page Builder utilization of so many WordPress themes and now known as WPBakery.

Yet, I knew nothing about the Visual Composer Website Builder- the reason being that it was only liberated a year ago.

Looking for something better I gave the VC Website Builder a try.

And that was my Eureka, Aha, Game-Changing moment.

I can build a website top-to-bottom( header and footer included ), and since it doesn’t use shortcodes it allows me to generate empty code.

This helps scaped gate-crashing or other nuisance questions when I disable the plugin.

I started by downloading the free account and it surprised me how instinctive and easy this website make is to work with. The learning arc isn’t flat, but it’s not drench either. I’m sure almost any beginner could pick up on how to use this tool very easily.

It too seems to be me that VC’s free edition has more boasts than any other free website builder.

For example, I don’t need a third-party tool to test the responsiveness of my patterns. Nor do I have to resize my browser window or check the design on my phone and waste treasured time.

Responsive Views in Visual Composer Website Builder

Everything can be done in Visual Composer, with a mouse click.

The Visual Composer Website Builder isn’t perfect.

Although it seems virtually so when a project consists of building a simple, basic page or website. For more complex campaigns, the 10 free customizable templates and 50 free design constituents that you will find in their Hub are not enough. But heck, it’s free after all.

The Visual Composer Hub does mounted it apart from other website developers. It’s a cloud-based marketplace of web design resources that moves redundant the need for extra plugins or practice coding. And it’s the place where you can search for the design templates and points you need.

Oh, and the stunning parallax impressions I could achieve were pretty cool too.

Screen from the Visual Composer Hub

Give It a Shot

Maybe someday something even better will come around. In the meantime, give the Visual Composer Website Builder a try. There’s a free form you can download.

Here’s the download link. Let me know what you think.

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