The MozCon Virtual 2020 Initial Agenda

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It’s the question that’s been on plenty of people’s intellects: What’s up with MozCon this year?

We’re happy to report that 2020 ‘s MozCon is on like Donkey Kong, and as you can tell from its brand-new name, the format this year is just a tad bit different. MozCon 2020 is now MozCon Virtual, an online forum know giving every ounce of digital marketing expertise you expect in-person with the security and protection of social distancing at home.

Today, we’re now to tell you all about it — converts, challenges, nitty-gritty details, who’s speaking and what you’ll learn, and more!

Here’s the skinny on MozCon Virtual

MozCon Virtual will take place from the consolation of your at-home office space across July 14& 15, 2020. Business on top, social distancing sweatpants on the bottom — you’ll be cozier than ever while learning all the latest and greatest in the world of SEO.

Twenty-two industry studied leads will step you through the most wonderful topics of 2020, plastering everything from SEO automation to modern content promotion to strategies for treat keyword investigate in the midst of a crisis. You’ll visualize foolishly familiar faces and energizing brand-new names to the MozCon stage, and you can rest assured that we’re maintain the bar as high-pitched as it’s ever been for content quality.

Additionally, we know that budgets are tight right now. We want to do our component to help by making MozCon Virtual as accessible to everyone as we are able to. Tickets are now priced at $129. This also includes full access to the MozCon video bundle formerly it’s released!

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Changes, challenges,& nitty-gritty items A memo about clarity and constructing really hard decisions

We’re not going to lie — unionizing this year’s MozCon was a challenge. As it became more and more clear that an in-person event was neither feasible nor responsible( not to mention illegal here in Washington state !), we had a relatively short window of time to pivot from a 1,600 -attendee event that we guided year after year using a concrete, smooth-as-butter process, to the virtual unknown.( Pardon the pun .)

There were many, numerous finds. There was the studies and estimates and debate, and more than one sentiment altered word three or four times before it made appearance.

In the end, it came down to what was best for local communities. MozCon has never controlled from a profit standpoint — most times we aim to break even — but even with the risk and cost associated with such a majestic change to the event, we knew the display must go on. SEO doesn’t just stop. And right now, it’s picking up accelerated: Beings are turning to the internet to solve their problems now more than ever before, and businesses of all stripes are depending on that online visibility to sustain them through privation. SEOs and digital purveyors still need access to cutting-edge studied leadership, skills, and programmes, and MozCon can deliver — even though they are it means we only get to daydream about all the high fives, fist humps, and Roger hugs.

Not your normal marketing couchference

It was important that we find ways to maintain that special MozCon magic that obliges tribes stimulated to wake up extra early on a Monday morning, don their consultation stamp, and bounce happily to the Washington State Convention Center for a daylight full of educational goodness.

We’re gonna miss the snacks — that’s exactly the truth. Doughnuts and coffee aside, we’ve energized our virtual discussion with that snazzy MozCon spirit you looked forward to receiving every year 😛 TAGEND The highest stature speakers and topics in township: Twenty-two of digital marketing’s top experts will share their very best advice, programmes, tricks, and research over two jam-packed periods of learning. You’ll have all their decks available for download, and the new selection of attending the talks that most interest you.Friendly place Mozzers emceeing the event: MozCon stage hotshots Cyrus Shepard and Britney Muller will keep the sparkle proceeding between session.Interactive Q& A with the experts: You’ll be able to participate in live Q& A periods with orators to answer your most burning digital commerce the issues and quandaries.Virtual networking with Birds of a Feather breakout discussions: Fledglings of a Feather tables are a lunchtime touch every single year. And we’ve heard your feedback: networking is a huge part of the MozCon experience. That’s why we’re inserting Fledglings of a Feather virtual discussions — a special online know-how where you’ll be able to join expert-hosted occurrences, connect with like-minded marketers, and forge working relationship through the magical of the internet.Charitable gives: Our belief in giving back hasn’t changed merely because we’re going online. For every ticket sold we’ll be making a donation, with more details to come as we draw closer to showtime.Awesome collaborators: MozCon is fortunate to have the support of our fanciful patrons who have fasten with us through all the changes this year. They’ll be sharing their expertise in special hosted breakout radicals. Puzzled about who our partners are? Check them out: 97th Floor, Base Search Marketing, CallRail, Crowd Content, Duda, GatherUp, and PAGES! Two days chock full of seminar goodness

We know it’s tough to take a full three days away from your daytime chore, so we’re approaching MozCon Virtual with multi-track options to let attendees choose their own conference adventure — with full access to every talk via the MozCon video bundle formerly the conference is over.

A world knowledge at a more accessible price We’re streaming MozCon!

Every year we’ve heard our community ask: I can’t impel the junket. Will you be streaming MozCon? To our friends around the world, we’re glad to be able to answer yes — this year, MozCon will be fully available to remote attendees. While those in particularly opposite timezones may be experiencing the show in your jammies, for the first time MozCon will serve you on your sofa. And you won’t miss out on a single hearing — every ticket owner will have full access to the MozCon video bundle after the phenomenon, representing you can re-watch your favorites and catch up on any you missed.

MozCon quality at world prices more tribes can open: Tickets are now $129

We’ve lowered the price to attend this year’s conference for a couple of reasons.

One, while there are still some reasonably significant costs to throwing a large virtual discussion, those costs don’t include some of our biggest-ticket items, such as a discussion gap and food& refreshment. Yummy analyses and cozy sets are a real investment!

And two, meters are certainly damned tough right now. We know bureaux, symbols, and freelancers are struggling in the midst of the economic downturn, and that it’s more important than ever to sharpen skills and build new ones. We primarily lowered ticket prices by about 40%. Then, based on community feedback and suggestions, we decided to forego the idea of shipping out swag and snacks and lowered them again — to the tune of $129.

Every MozCon ticket bought also includes full access to the MozCon video bundle, a $349 ethic. Our video sheaves are professionally developed and fully shareable with your squad, so you can keep the learning going throughout the rest of the year and revisit the talks that mattered most.

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Initial plan

Ready to explore what we’ve got planned for this year? Check out our current talkers and topics — and abide adjusted for more information as the agenda evolves!

Alexis Sanders

Senior SEO Account Manager, MerkleThe Science of Seeking Your Customer

Users are at the core of everything we do in modern SEO. However, detecting and understanding publics can be daunting. Alexis will treat how to find your public, share tools that are available for all price points, and prove channels in which she’s learnt gathering study to be useful as an SEO.

Andy Crestodina

Co-founder and CMO, Orbit MediaThought Leadership and SEO: The 3 Key Elements and Search Ranking Strategies

Everyone wants to do it, but no one genuinely knows what it is. So what is thought leadership? What isn’t it? And how does it affect research standings?

This presentation is a data-rich perspective on the oh-so-popular topic of expect leadership, filled with practical takeaways for becoming an authority. And it’s all about the relation between concluded lead and SEO. We’ll see how the research rebuttals the issues and informs the tactics: Can firebrands be fantasized managers? Can it be outsourced? Do you need to publish research? Or strong mind? And how does it allure ties and government, ranks, and qualified guests? Learn how a personal brand mixes with content to drive big wins in SEO.

Britney Muller

Senior SEO Scientist, MozTBD

Last year, Britney wowed the crowd with a bevy of brand-new research, data, and actionable tactics for understanding and prevailing peculiarity snippets. We’re still piecing together all the intricate details of this year’s talk, so remain an ear to the ground as we continue to evolve our schedule!

Brian Dean

Founder, BacklinkoHow to Promote Your Content Like a Boss

Creating content is easy. But coming parties to see your content? That’s a different story. Brian Dean shares over a dozen practical strategies that you can use to spread the word about your latest blog berth, podcast incident, or YouTube video.

Casie Gillette

Senior Director of Digital, KoMarketingCounterintuitive Content: How New Trends Have Disrupted Years of Bad Advice

Content purveyors don’t have it easy. We’re incessantly adjust to our ever-shifting landscape and juggling an overwhelming amount of information and advice: Do we develop as much content as possible? Should we focus on quality, while still maintaining consistent planneds? And now, what about YouTube, enunciate examination, and even TikTok?

The fact is, there’s no one way to do material sell. Casie will showcase content in an entirely new light, with new ideas and tips on how you can start creating material on your own terms.

Dana DiTomaso

President and partner, Kick PointTBD

MozCon veterans know the value and vibrancy Dana brings to the stage, and this year will be no exclusion. Be on the lookout for juicy details about her 2020 talk — we can’t wait to share.

David Sottimano

VP, KeyphraseologyEveryday Automation for Marketers

As a general rule, we shouldn’t be doing things that a computer can do better. However, a good deal of automation is achieved through programming expertise — and that expertise isn’t frequently a marketer’s forte. In this session, you’ll learn how to gather data, use machine learning, and automate everyday tasks for purveyors using low-code or no-code solutions.

Flavilla Fongang

Brand Strategist, 3 Colours RuleHow to Go Beyond Marketing for Patrons: The Value of a Thriving Brand Ecosystem

Too numerous purveyors help their clients the bare minimum of what’s expected from an busines. To stand out among the crowd, cultivate real patriotism, and maximize the lifetime value of your patrons, you have to go beyond mere marketing — developing a thriving brand ecosystem that was in line with the brand’s ultimate goals. Flavilla Fongang shares her tried-and-true framework for optimizing the customer journey, improving possession and retention, and going beyond what’s expected to serve your purchasers well.

Francine Rodriguez

Manager of Customer Success, WordStreamLet It Go: How to Embrace Automation and Get Way More Done

Let the robot uprising begin! We’ve all listen horror tales about the dangers of automating your projects, but now is not the time to deny yourself additional improve. Robots never sleep. They don’t get tired or overwhelmed by their to-do registers, and they’re ready to work round-the-clock to accomplish whatever task we set before them. In this talk, you’ll explore all the areas were automation is knocking butt in PPC — and how you can harness the capability of robots to represent more epoch for other efforts.

Heather Physioc

Group Connections Director, Discoverability, VMLY& RCompetitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry

SEO isn’t dead — it’s commoditized. In a nature where scour business are a dime a dozen and firebrands tout bland “unique selling propositions” that aren’t unique at all, how can you shun drowning in the high seas of sameness? What are you doing that’s any different from every other SEO firm? In this talk, you’ll learn how to find, activate, and express your competitive edge. Learn how to identify unique fortitudes and innovative offerings that equate to competitive edge through these real, toiling specimen so you can bring them to life in examination. You’ll leave with actionable gratuities and homework to help your search business stand out — and that you can use with clients to help them find their competitive advantage, too.

Izzi Smith

Technical SEO Analyst, RyteHow to Be Ahead of the( CTR) Curve

Let’s face it: Carrying out SEO magic is all in vain when you’re forgetting about how your symbol and makes are being surfaced in the SERPs. By not properly analyzing or intensifying our organic CTR, we’re immensely limiting our potential. Izzi will help you create the excellent SERP engagement strategy by treating practical ways to uplift your significant CTR, such as remedying your critical keyword positions that could soon be lost, leveraging brand-empowering entity pieces( and assessing the risks of doing so ), more intelligent testing of rich& boasted snippet optimizations, and a whole lot more. CTR-you-ready ?? You better be!

Joy Hawkins

Owner, Sterling Sky Inc .Google My Business: Battling Bad Info& Safeguarding Your Search Strategy

What’s the trauma in a little misinformation here and there? In the realm of regional SEO, Joy Hawkins is here to outline exactly that. When it comes to local examine and Google My Business, it is possible see or break for your campaigns. Follow real data from a recent case study that instances why strategic decisions should be based on accurate information — and what can happen when that info is bad, wrong, or just plain incomplete.

Mike King

Managing Director, iPullRankTBD

Mike redefined technical SEO and particular importance in our manufacture back in 2016. In 2018, he taught us everything we didn’t know about SEO. This time, he’s back to share the hottest technical tactics to uplevel your efforts, plus the case studies and data that ought to be pas your decisions.

Dr. Peter J. Meyers

Marketing Scientist, MozMoving Targets: Keywords in Crisis

Too often, we take a once-and-done approach to keyword research, but Google reforms at the speed of information, and that tempo accelerates up even more during a crisis. How do we do keyword study in fast-paced manufactures and during world-changing instants? Dr. Pete renders concrete tricks for adaptive keyword research and spotting vogues as they happen.

Phil Nottingham

Brand and Video Marketing Strategist, Phil Nottingham Ltd.How to Build a Global Brand Without a Global Budget

As funnel-based marketing becomes less effective and harder to measure, “building a brand” is frequently touted as the cure-all for all marketer’s woes. But it’s unclear how this can be achieved scalably and with a limited budget. Large endeavours resort to huge creative advertising campaigns that get their names out there by force of waste alone — but this isn’t reasonable for the smaller companies and the number of intuitions is not the number of beings amazed. In this session, Phil explains how modern symbols are built through advocacy more than awareness alone, present a deliverable method of firebrand commerce to radically shake up your material strategy.

Defraud Ousbey

VP Product, MozTBD

Rob is no stranger to the MozCon stage — he’s kindness it in the past as emcee, and in 2019 he plastered the coerce topic of flowing your own SEO assessments( and how to get it on right .) While we’re still nailing down the particular characteristics of his 2020 talk, we’re confident that this year’s topic is likely to be every bit as impressively daunting.

Robin Lord

Consultant, DistilledWhatever You Do, Put Billboards in Seattle- Getting Brand Awareness Data from Google

How can you harness the vast supremacy of Google data to gain special insight into city- and product-level brand awareness? Robin will conduct us on a journey through his Google Trends methodology to use Adwords search volume data for better label intelligence.

Ross Simmonds

CEO, FoundationDesigning a Content Engine: Disappearing from Ideation to Creation to Distribution

What does it take to develop a content machine that drives upshots? In this presentation, Ross will share data around the power of having a content engine, tools& approaches for content ideation, implements and tactics for content creation, and structures that labels can use to ensure that their content is distributed effectively after reaching publish. This presentation will help you is not simply uncover content-market fit, but too capitalize on it.

Russ Jones

Principal Search Scientist, MozI Wanna Be Rich: Seeing Your Consultancy Profitable

How will your busines weather the next update? How will you eschew layoffs and payment reductions? Being a master of SEO doesn’t guarantee that your consultancy will succeed. After a decade and a half of ordeal, Russ Jones will delineate the techniques that will keep your purchasers happy and your bottom line healthy.

Sarah Bird

CEO, MozWelcome to MozCon Virtual+ the State of the Industry

Sarah has a storied record of kicking MozCon off with a shining, sparkly bang. The fearless manager of Moz will be welcoming each and every one of us to this year’s virtual contest, laying out all the pertinent details of the conference, and giving the sound for two jam-packed daytimes of learning with a look at the State of the Industry.

Shannon McGuirk

Head of PR& Content, AiraGreat Expectations: The Truth About Digital PR Campaigns

In her talk, Shannon will challenge the desire for virality over firmnes when it comes to digital PR and connection build expeditions, while exploring the impact on the industry, team morale, and patient apprehensions. By honestly sharing her own drawbacks, she’ll push you to learn from your own campaign loss squandering tried and tested frameworks that’ll mean you can face any artistic safarus or outreach striving head-on.

Wil Reynolds

Founder& Vice President of Innovation, Seer InteractiveThe CMO Role Has Been Disrupted- “re ready” for Your New Boss?

CMOs have the shortest term in the c-suite, and the CMO role has been eliminated at some of the most important labels. CEOs are now asking tougher and tougher questions about the value of marketing — and oftentimes purveyors are not prepared.

Connecting your data and construct your data flywheel is one way to support the swift reactions CEOs expect from their CMOs. We it is necessary get stronger at connecting our day-to-day work to the value it drives. And now more than ever, “brand lift” isn’t enough to satisfy CEOs.

This presentation will start at the top. How business are extended, how CEOs talk, and how we as probe marketers can use the data we have access to everyday in new ways to answer the questions of the c-suite and foster our visibility and evaluate in organizations.

We hope to see your smiling faces online in July!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your perseverance as we hammered out the details of this year’s conference, for the questions you’ve asked and the honest feedback you’ve given us. We’re super evoked to try out something new this year! Join us this July for our first MozCon Virtual and let’s explore the future of digital marketing together 😛 TAGEND

Yes, I’m going to MozCon !

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