The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study: The Most Valuable Online Consumer Trend of 2018 Revealed

Posted by Alan_Coleman

The latest Wolfgang E-Commerce Report is now live. This subject gives a extensive view of the state of digital marketing in retail and cros, admitting digital marketers to benchmark their 2018 concert and means their 2019 strategy.

The study investigates over 250 million website discussions and more than EUR5 00 million in online income. Google Analytics, brand-new Facebook Analytics reports, and on-line survey are used to glean insights.

Revenue volume correlations

One of the unique features of the results of the study is its shift equivalence. All website metrics featured in the study are correlated with changeover success to discover what the most successful websites do differently.

This year we’ve showed our strongest success connect ever at 0.67! Really to give the above figures context: usually, 0.2 is worth talking about and 0.3 is noteworthy. Not exclusively is this connect with success very strong, the insight itself is highly actionable and can become a pillar of your digital marketing programme.

These are the top causes that correlated with receipt capacity. You can see the other connects in the full analyse.

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