The Customer Avatar Worksheet: Finally, Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To!

It’s a huge mistake.

And hitherto, I see it happen all the time.

A marketer or business owner gets so focused on WHAT they’re selling that they forget to think about WHO they’re selling it to.

This is the kiss of death for a marketing campaign, and sometimes even an entire business.

You could have the greatest product on earth, but if you’re trying to sell it to the erroneous person–you’re never going to hit your marketings numbers.

That’s why understanding your customer avatar( AKA buyer persona) is so important.

That’s also why “weve created” the Customer Avatar Worksheet( that you can download for FREE ), to help you document everything about your purchaser avatar.

Before you can sell anything effectively, you need to understand…

WHO your ideology client isWHERE they’re hanging out onlineWHAT their challenges are

But how do you actually do all that?

Don’t worry–I’ll dig into the details later on in this post. First, I want to make sure you understand why patron avatars are just as important, and why I refer to them as the” Swiss army knife” of marketing.

The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

Digital marketing is composed of a lot of different disciplines.

There’s content marketing, email commerce, paid traffic, product start, social media, copywriting, analytics … the roll goes on.

Each of those penalties has its own unique specified of sciences to master.

But knowing how to identify your customer avatar is one of the few talents that applies to every market self-discipline. That’s what originates it the Swiss army knife–you can use it in every single marketing discipline.

For example…

Content Marketing: Knowing your avatar helps you decide what blog poles, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, etc. you should create to entice more contributes and customersPaid Traffic: Knowing your avatar helps you discover which ad platforms you should buy traffic from–and what targeting options you should useProduct Creation: Knowing your avatar will help you create a product that your client NEEDSCopywriting: Knowing your avatar helps you describe your gives in a manner which is that speaks to your avatar’s problems and enforces them to want to buyEmail Marketing: Knowing your avatar helps you get more open proportions and better conversion charges on your emails…and can even be used to segment specific email marketing expeditions to different avatars

Any part of the marketing and sales process that “touches” the customer( which is pretty much EVERYTHING) further improving “when youve got” clear on your client avatar.

When you get clear on the characteristics of the person who is going to buy your products and services, it’s a lot easier to find and present them with a send that moves them to action.

( Download the Customer Avatar Worksheet for FREE and is starting now .)

Let’s look at one of our patron avatars as an example.

Customer Avatar Example: Meet Agency Eric

One of our produces here at DigitalMarketer is our Certification Classes. These sets include quizs, certificates, and badges–plus, we also give you third-party credibility you can put on your website, on LinkedIn, on a resume, and so on.

So who would make a good customer for this product? We defined 4 definite buyer personalities 😛 TAGEND

The Marketing Freelancer: Interested in teaches and certifications to recognise herself from vying freelancersThe Marketing Agency Owner: Interested in rehearsals and certifications to sharpen the marketing skills of her employees, so her organization can provide more/ better services to clientsThe Employee: Interested in educations and certifications to recognise himself at work or to secure a new job or promotion within his existing companyThe Business Owner: Interested in qualifies and certifications to sharpen her own sell skills and the skills of her internal marketing team members

As a arise, 4 new “Customer Avatars” were born. Here’s one of them, “The Marketing Agency Owner”–we call him Agency Eric.

The Customer Avatar Worksheet: Agency Eric

Let’s walk through this Customer Avatar Worksheet, step by step.

Customer Avatars: What to Include

There are 5 major components to a client avatar 😛 TAGEND

Destinations and ValuesSources of InformationDemographic InformationChallenges and Pain PointsObjections and Roles

In some occasions, you’ll need to survey and actually talk with your existing customers to figure out who your customer avatar is and what they need from you.

In other clients, you’ll already be intimately familiar with the characteristics of your paragon customer.

In any case, taking forward.

Don’t wait for overlooks or interrogations to be conducted to create your first draft of an avatar.

Make premises where you have no data or feedback, and situated it on your shortlist of to-dos to complete your research when you can.

In the meantime, you’ll benefit from having an avatar already built–even if you have to go back and verify a few of the premises you made.

Now, let’s look at each section of the Customer Avatar Worksheet.

Goals and Values

The best practice to get started is to think about the goals and importances that are important to your standard customer.

Here’s what we came up with for Agency Eric 😛 TAGEND

Goals and Values on the Customer Avatar Worksheet

Make a mention of the goals and targets and qualities that are relevant to the products and services you render. You’ll use this information to help guide…

Product creationCopywritingContent marketingEmail marketing

For example, we know Agency Eric is interested in “increasing the capabilities of his team.”

We could draft an email to this avatar promoting our Content Marketing certification with the subject line 😛 TAGEND

Let us teach your team in material marketing

That should get Agency Eric’s attention.

Beginnings of Information

This section of the Customer Avatar Worksheet is critical to determining the “where” of your customer avatar.

Where do they hang out( both online and in person )? What cloths do they read? What gurus do they follow?

This information can help you determine the best sits to advertise to your avatar.

Customer Avatar Worksheet: Sources of Information

To fill this section out, use the “but no one else would” trick. You’ll complete convicts like these 😛 TAGEND

My ideal patron would be as follows[ BOOK ], but no one else would.My ideal client would subscribe to[ MAGAZINE ], but no one else would.My ideal patron would attend[ Conference ], but no one was would.

Getting the picture?

The idea is to find the niche volumes, magazines, blogs, conferences, gurus, etc. that Simply your ideal customer would be attracted to.

For example, if you are in the golf commodities market–you wouldn’t want to assign Tiger Woods as a leader. Tiger is someone golfers is cognizant of … however, so is everyone else.

Instead, choose a more niche golfer like Rory McElroy. The average non-golfer won’t know who he is–but your customer avatar will.

When buying traffic from ad pulpits like Facebook, you’ll often be able to better target your audience by focusing on these niche interests–while exclude less-than-ideal prospects.

Demographic Information

Applying demographic information can really help bring your customer avatar to life.

Customer Avatar Worksheet: Demographic Information

Of course, the requirements of this regulation includes all the usual facts–like the person’s age, gender, marital status, income, place claim, and so on.

We find that filling in a “Quote” field is one of our favorite parts of this section. Giving your avatar a quote can be particularly helpful to get inside the head of your customer.

Don’t forget to download your Customer Avatar Worksheet for FREE .

This section can also be useful when choosing targeting alternatives in ad pulpits, like Facebook. In our bag, we might want to narrow our targeting to include beings with a college stage or people who give at least $150,000/ year.

Demographics can also help when you’re writing content, emails, or marketings imitate. Try this: suppose your avatar is sitting across the counter from you. Write the words that you would say to them in a ordinary conversation.

You’ll find that demographic information like senility, gender, and locale will give your persona a appear and feel that helps you talk to them more persuasively.

Challenges and Pain Points

Next, think about the problems, challenges, and anguish parts in your customer avatar’s life.

Customer Avatar Worksheet: Challenges and Pain Points

This information can help you in several ways.

For one thing, it can help spur theories for new products or services that can help solve your avatar’s problems.

It can also help you write copy and ad imaginative that speaks to their pain objects, enforcing them to take action.

For example, when selling certifications to Agency Eric, we want to hit on pain pitches such as…

Are you tired of losing overtures simply because you don’t offer content marketing to your clients? Certify your unit with DigitalMarketer’s Content Marketing Mastery Course and Certification to help retain your consumers while blaming higher prices.


Do you feel like your agency is constantly struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital marketing scene? Sign up for DigitalMarketer HQ to automate the training process and keep your team up-to-date on the latest marketing strategies.

Copy like this will get a replies from Agency Eric because it talks directly about the challenges he’s facing in his business.

Oppositions and Role in the Purchase Process

Finally, think about the reasons why your customer avatar might choice NOT to buy your product or service. These are called “objections” and they must be addressed in your marketing.

Customer Avatar: Objections & Role in The Purchase Process

For example, if we are all familiar with Agency Eric is concerned with the quantity of time his team members will be “out of pocket” to receive the certification, we might send an email with a topic order like…

Content Marketing Certified( in one business date)

The phrase “in one business day” helps to overcome his objection, by reassure Agency Eric that his team will merely need one day to finish the certification.

You’ll also need to determine your avatar’s role in the acquiring process.

Are they the primary decision maker? Are they a decision influencer?

If your avatar is NOT the primary decision maker, you’ll need to come up with a strategy to appeal to whoever that person is.

Understanding your model customer’s decision-making process is paramount to the success of your market and sales campaigns.

Build Multiple Avatars

Start by building a single avatar–but don’t stop there. Your business almost certainly has more than one principle buyer.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start churning out several avatars representing the different segments of your market.

Any rewarding marketplace segment with a distinct set of purposes, information sources, aching targets, etc. is therefore deserves a purchaser avatar.

Don’t forget to download your Customer Avatar Worksheet for FREE .

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