The Best Free Stock Video Sites

Free stock videos are an insanely valuable resource for entanglement decorators and video journalists. A expansive countryside kill can name the stage for a website’s animated background, or delicately fill a transition in a video. But of course, most people can’t afford the paraphernalium to record such footage.

Stock videos are a quick and easy way to find short, high quality clips when you need them. But videography isn’t cheap, so buying footage will often cost you quite a bit.

Luckily, the authorities have places out there that obtain free videos you can use in personal and commercial-grade activities, and we’re going to go over the features of each today. Now got a few of very best free furnish footage websites you can find.


Example from Mixkit

On Mixkit, you’ll find professional HD videos, all sorted and tagged so they’re easy to search for. There’s business, scenery, and lifestyle videos, alongside synopsi and even animation footage. The Mixkit license has a few light stipulations, but that’s all.


Example from

There’s fairly the variety of unique stock footage in this modest, but character accumulation. There are a few hundred videos here, and they can be used anywhere as long as you contributed peculiar appreciate and approval the website.

Pexels Videos

Example from Pexels Videos

Pexels is jam packed with magnificent furnish videos that nobody will believe you downloaded free of charge. As far as the license extends, pretty much anything is allowed, so get as much of this great footage as your projection requires.


Example from Pixabay

Pixabay is full of diversity, and that’s no objection in their video slouse. You can sort by gists, lists, answer, or tags. Many videos on Pixabay are focused around moderately aesthetics, so try it out if you need eye-catching footage. The permission here is very unrestrictive.

ISO Republic

Example from ISO Republic

If you’re looking for dazzling CC0-licensed stock footage, ISO Republic is the first place to check. There’s not a ton now, but what exists would make a great addition to being able to your assignment. You’ll adoration these videos. As a bonus, there is plenty of superb free stock photography here as well.


Example from Coverr

Coverr was created just for web decorators who are required to a full screen hero video for their homepage. There’s plenty of excellent, well-sorted footage to look through, all free to use and optimized for your website.

Life of Vids

Example from Life of Vids

There’s so many HD and 4K videos to choose from here. Get lost in the collects of vivid nature- and people-focused imagery. There are absolutely no restrictions except for a 10 -video redistribution limit.


Example from SplitShire

Looking for dazing landscape videos to beautify your video or website? Take a look through SplitShire’s collection and see if they have what you need. Though SplitShire is a stock photography website, they’ve diverged out into footage and are doing magnificent at it.


Example from Videvo

With roughly 8,000 videos and more being added every day, Videvo is a great place to start in your hunt for the excellent clip. Sort by favourite or recent, or check out the tags and the unbelievably helpful “similar clips” on each entry. There’s a lot of licenses, so make sure to check out Licensing 101 before you download.


Example from Videezy

Stock footage, animation, After Effects templates, and spate of nature videography in 4K and HD are waiting to be found on Videezy. Some permissions countenance commercial-grade operation while others necessary credit, so check the licensing page before you grab up these great free videos.

Free Videos for Your Project

There are many lieu to find free asset videos on the internet, and we’ve merely scratched the surface. If you need footage, one of these 10 hand-picked accumulations should have what you need. Supplement your full videos, or incorporate them into your website designs.

Just make sure you always check the site license before you download free videos. Most of these are totally free for squander, but some may only be used commercially or with other agreements. Check for a CC0 license or predict the terms carefully.

If everything seems right, then you’re good to start downloading some beautiful inventory videos.

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