That’s a Wrap: MozCon Virtual 2020 Day Two Recap

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Wow! What a crazy ride MozCon has been this year. In case you missed it, we were able to double the number of attendees and include over 2,800 people.

Not merely were we able to include them, we were also able to see their families, domesticateds, and home office. It was an peculiar knowledge for certain, but one we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

As ever, the speakers served up some flame red-hot content( including an actual movie ). We can’t wait to share some of these takeaways with you!

Britney Muller — Accessible Machine Learning Workflows for SEOs

Britney started off by assuring everyone that they absolutely can use machine learning. She knows this because she was able to educate her dad how to use it!

Let’s jump right in.

Basically, machine learning be available for a lot of things.

There’s endless possibles w/ #machinelearning: Some cool things: – AI-generated faces- Auto-excuse generator( need that) Leveraging for SEO: – Keyword research – Forecasting time series- Extracting entities and lists from URLs- Internal link analysis #mozcon

— Seer Interactive (@ SeerInteractive) July 15, 2020

Britney intimates starting with a diary in Colaboratory for increased accessibility. She showed us to do the basics like upload, importation, and download data before rushing into the entertaining nonsense πŸ˜› TAGEND Expend Google NLP API to obtain entities and their categories from URLUsing Facebook’s Prophet data for time-series predictionsKeyword research squandering Search Console Data and a filtering gathering

Honestly, we were stunned at how easy she made machine learning look. Can’t wait to try it ourselves!

Izzi Smith — How to Be Ahead of the( CTR) Curve

Not all sounds are created equal! While you may want as countless sounds as possible from the SERP, there’s a specific type of click you should be striving for — the almighty long click.

“What is a click without the intent to be there? ”

Google’s patent clearly states that reactions to search results are reckoned, and short interactions( sounds) can lower rankings while longer interactions( clicks) can be achieved through higher rankings.

Great point by the wonderful @izzionfire – are concentrated on the “long clicks” – the ones where users spend a very long time on your page after clicking your result.Google tends to show rebuttals for the “short clicks” within the SERP – if it doesn’t now, it will soon. #MozCon mCvWUpDTKQ

— Lily Ray ???? (@ lilyraynyc) July 15, 2020

Are you ready to track your clicks and working on this? Good! Izzi broke it all down for you πŸ˜› TAGEND Pull your data from Google Search Console, specific by using their API.Know what you are looking for BEFORE getting into the data.Look for these decorations πŸ˜› erformance-based core update jolts — decrease in positions and impressionsIdentifying Irrelevant ranks — massive notion spike( with low-spirited CTR) then a sharp-witted decline in impressionsLosing SERP feature — a sharp-witted decrease in CTR and a decrease in thoughts

Izzi, you’re a rockstar! We can’t wait to go play with all of our data later.

Flavilla Fongang — How to Go Beyond Marketing for Purchasers: The Value of a Thriving Brand Ecosystem

Flavilla is a true gem. Instead of focusing on the top of the funnel, she focused on how we can keep customers coming back.

She told us that “business is like love”. You don’t want to move too fast. You don’t want to move too slow. You have to add value. You have to keep things energizing.

“Your consumers don’t continue buying from you because you meet their possibilities. They do it because you Excess them.” It’s like falling in love. — @FlavillaFongang #MozCon S4RwlkC6pp

— Sarah Bird (@ SarahBird) July 15, 2020

Flavilla challenged us to find what clears us impressive:

Can you furnish a distinct ordeal? Can you create a community? Can you furnish desegregations? Can you be associated with beings to fetch something new?

Really sit down and think about why you started your firebrand and reflect on it. If you build a label beings come back to, you’ll have far less to worry about.

Brian Dean — How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss

We ultimately did it! We got Brian Dean to speak at an SEO conference.

If you don’t know him by now, you haven’t been researching hard enough. Brian is a master of content creation and marketing.

It wasn’t ever that direction, though. Brian’s firstly blog never took off because “hes spent” more day originating content than he did promoting it. Once he realise just how important promotion was, he went all-in and objective up collecting the benefits.

This year, he ultimately shared with us some of his Jedi-like publicity tactics.

7 promotional strategies1. Create for the linkerati( bloggers+ writers) 2. Expanded social posts3. Avoid JarJar outreach4. The Jedi mind trick5. Hyperdrive-boosted Facebook posts6. Infiltrate scarif: subreddits7. Hack the Halonet: click to tweet links @backlinko #mozcon

— James Wirth (@ jameswirth) July 15, 2020

He shared multiple tips-off for each of these strategies, but here is a quick epitome πŸ˜› TAGEND Social places hate it when you affix joins. Instead, taunt the content with a “hook, precede, summary, tie-in, call-to-action”.Ask journalists or bloggers if they’d be interested in reading your segments, but do so before you write it to take some pressure off.Actually personalize your outreach by mentioning something on the contact’s site.Boost Facebook poles with plentiful involvement to gatherings who have interacted with previous uprights.

Just implementing one of these tricks could change the route your material is received by the internet. Who is well known could happen if you implemented all of them?

Joy Hawkins — Google My Business: Battling Bad Info& Safeguarding Your Search Strategy

Not everyone does local SEO, but if you do( or if it ties into what you do at all) you’re going to want to fasten your seatbelt.

Joy showed us some of the insights she was able to gather from a large study she did with her team. They had noticed a major incompatibility in the data between Google My Business and Google Search Console, and is ready to get to the root of it.

TL ;D R version of @JoyanneHawkins demonstration at #mozcon Don’t trust Search Console marks, y’all

— Greg Gifford (@ GregGifford) July 15, 2020

Joy shared some major findings πŸ˜› TAGEND Google My Business “views” are a lot of different things( not only the traditional marks we’re used to tracking ). Mobile probes don’t show website icons in the regional pack.The search inquiries that show up in GMB are different from the ones that are shown in Search Console.Explicit intent does not always imply higher intent than implicit intent

If you work in local hunting, Joy wants to challenge you to move away from views and Search Console intuitions. Instead, focus on the search data that GMB provides for keywords and on click data in Search Console.

Michael King — Runtime: The 3-Ring Circus of Technical SEO

In true-life Michael King style( with a ton of flare ), he showed us just what’s possible at a virtual forum and blew our heads with technical SEO awesomeness.

That moment you think you kinda know technical SEO and then you verify @iPullRank at #MozCon. Mind. BLOWN.

— Lauren Turner (@ laurentracy_) July 15, 2020

We watched “Jamie” get through the three rings exerting slick techniques.

How do you determine which keyword on a site owns a URL? -Position-Traffic-Linking authority metricsUse on all ranking pages to determine best URL for each keyword on the site, then adjust fasten text as needed @iPullRank #MozCon

— Jennifer Slegg (@ jenstar) July 15, 2020

All Google makes have assistances you can connect to via ABScript – you can create a full data ecosystem, all via basic JavaScript @iPullRank #MozCon

— Ruth Burr Reedy (@ ruthburr) July 15, 2020

@ipullrank #seo #mozcon #techseoholy fizzle Ebay builds internal attaches programatically to boost higher-rankings from sheet 2 to sheet 1.

— Noah Learner (@ noahlearner) July 15, 2020

There were so many of these, friends!

The thing is, all of this has been out there and accessible, but as Mike says in Runtime, “Doing things the same way everyone else does them is going to get you everyone else’s decisions. Do things your own way.”

Dana DiTomaso — Red Flags: Use a Discovery Process to Go from Red flag to Green Lights

The idea of finding is not a new one, but Dana came ready to shine a new light on an aged tactic. Most of us do minimum investigate before agreeing to do a project — or at least minimum compared to Dana and her squad!

These are just a few questions from Kick Point’s finding process πŸ˜› TAGEND If there were no limiteds, what the hell is you want to be able to say at the end of this project? Which of these metrics affects your achievement report? What does your best day ever look like? What didn’t work last-place period?

The discovery process isn’t just about talking to the client, though, it’s about doing your own research to see if you can find the tendernes points.

Actually testing your client’s transaction process.I merely do that when setting up eCommerce tracking and test the buying wander for customers.Go beyond what data shows and recognize for yourself how you stack up to your competitors.Brilliant @danaditomaso #MozCon dkz2 1fK1kd

— nikrangerseo (@ nikrangerseo) July 15, 2020

As ever, Dana shared some genuine pearls that are sure to represent our manufacture better.

David Sottimano — Everyday Automation for Marketers

David brought us automation greatness all the way from Colombia! There were so many practical applications and all of them necessary little to no coding: for examine planned classificationUsing cron for planning things like scrapingWebhooks for transferring dataCreating your own IFTTT-like automation using n8n. io on Heroku

We got to see live demonstrations of David make each of these things as he excused them. They all seemed super user-friendly and we can’t wait to try some of them.

#mozcon @dsottimano dropping one tonne of automation acquaintance and showcasing @bigmlcom influence p3gWVBbWX5

— John Murch (@ johnmurch) July 15, 2020

Oh yeah, David too helped us build and release the Moz API for Expanse!

Russ Jones — I Wanna Be Rich: Forming Your Consultancy Profitable

Most businesses neglect within their firstly five years, and that omission often comes down to business decisions. Now, Russ doesn’t enjoy all of this decision-making, but he has learned a few things from doing it and then understanding how those decisions alter a business’s bottom line.

The number one way to become more profitable is to cut costs. Russ looked at cutting costs by having fewer full-time works, leasing/ owning less gap, meeting lead deepens, and trimming cables of service.

When it comes to actually bringing in more fund though, Russ advocates πŸ˜› TAGEND Adding brand-new assistance linesRaising pricesAutomating tasksAcquiring new business

At the end of the day, Russ steamed it down to two things: Don’t be afraid to change, and experiment when you are eligible to — not when you must.

If you experiment only when you have to, you’re going to fail. If you experiment now, when you can and don’t wait until you must, hazards are you’re going to grow, supplanted and beat out your challengers. @rjonesx #MozCon

— Amy merrill (@ MissAmyMerrill) July 15, 2020

Heather Physioc — Competitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry

SEO is not dead, it’s commoditized. A strong direction to start off a lecture! We can always count on Heather to brought forward by some real business-minded takeaways.

First, she helped us understand what a competitive advantage actually is.

Competitive advantages ought to be: – Unique- Defensible- Sustainable- ValuableConsistent @HeatherPhysioc #MozCon

— Melina Beeston (@ mkbeesto) July 15, 2020

Then, it was time to go through her competitive advantage framework.

Steps to having a competitive advantage( not just linear though – it’s a cyclical process) via @HeatherPhysioc #Mozcon W0ZBAduKHP

— Alan Bleiweiss (@ AlanBleiweiss) July 15, 2020

As we went through this framework, Heather blamed A Fortune of homework πŸ˜› TAGEND Examine your label: What do you do? Who do you dish? Why? Find the patterns within the answers.Write a symbol statement.Activate your advantage: How can you live it amply? What things can’t you do in support of your purpose? How will you know you’re putting it to work?

She mentioned a lot of great tools throughout her representation. Get a list of those implements and be made available to her slips here.

Wil Reynolds — The CMO Role Has Been Disrupted: Are You Ready for Your New Boss?

Have you ever thought about who holds the fate of the CMO in their hands? Wil started out by explaining that the CEO, CFO, and CIO actually have far more power over marketing than we give them credit for. While they all know that data is what will make their businesses successful, they also nurse keys to our success: plan, IT teams/ implementations, kill authority.

The issue we face isn’t that we don’t know what we are doing, but more so that we don’t know how to communicate it.

“I don’t know a whole lot of CEOs that read Search Engine Land, but they’re the ones that write our checks.” – @wilreynolds So instead of throwing shadow at our least-favorite phrases the c-suite abuses, we may want to make sure non-SEOs understand our value. #MozCon S6fClFevZo

— James Wirth (@ jameswirth) July 15, 2020

How can you show up to talk the talk and step the path? Use your data, and use it to give the customers a voice at the table( something all director teams are attempting to achieve ).

SEO+ PPC+ Analytics+ CRM= magic @wilreynolds #mozcon JICfWiOB3X

— Jason Dodge (@ dodgejd) July 15, 2020

Wil’s team has done an amazing errand streamlining and substantiating this process for all of us in investigation. If you haven’t yet, we most hint checking out their blog.

That’s a wrap

Folks, this was fun. We’re so happy that we could bring parties together from all over the world for two days during this crazy time.

While there weren’t any Roger grips or fist gushes, there were still lessons learned and friendships determined. It doesn’t get any better than that. We hope you feel the same.

If you were able to attend the live consultation, we would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways! Be sure to take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and start plans for implementation — we want to see you make a difference with your new knowledge.

Until next year, Moz fans!

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