Take the COVID-19 Local Search Marketing Business Impact Survey

Posted by MiriamEllis

The poet Burns once observed that the best laid strategies “gang aft agley.” At Moz, we were about to publish our State of Local SEO industry report, based on our local exploration commerce examination to which hundreds of you liberally replied. Then the public health emergency unusually arose, and we decided to pause in our planning.

The findings of the survey, as they currently stand, contain valuable and surprising penetrations which are as relevant today as they were pre-COVID-1 9. Yet, in order to reflect the substantial changes the local business community is currently braving, we are reaching out to you with a timely added request.

If you busines local professions in any faculty, whether in-house or for an agency, satisfy take our quick-witted, supplementary six-question inspect. Your answers will help everyone gauge the impacts of the past few weeks on our industry, and hopefully help in planning for the future. We would be so grateful for just a few minutes of your time to be sure its final document reflects the full picture of regional business marketing.

Take the Survey Now

Thank you for your time, and delight know that all of us at Moz are wishing your neighbourhood businesses and agencies well!

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