What is Alt Text

August 27, 2020 Gregg Kell 0

Images: they make a announce visual framework, they break up the large blocks of text, they make a post look way better, they… …Add to the SEO and ranking of a post? Yes. In fact, [Read More…]


What is an Email Funnel?

August 15, 2020 Gregg Kell 0

As a consumer—it would be nearly impossible to count the number of email funnels that have hit your inbox. We can safely say, it’s been a lot. Businesses love email funnels because they swiftly move [Read More…]

Web Design

The 24 Modern Marketing Commandments

August 7, 2020 Gregg Kell 0

There’s something brand-new marketers need to know. There’s a foundation for marketing—that when followed, it will lead to success. It’s a foundation that has transcended from traditional marketing to digital marketing and whatever comes after. [Read More…]

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