Successful Link Popularity Campaign

Link Popularity Campaign

Link Building, an important outcome of an effective link popularity campaign is vital for a good placement in any search engine and most web site owners are not aware of this or don’t truly understand how it really works.

Aside from good Keyword research and the right meta tags, linking building is an absolute must for the success of any website and is an on-going process, so make sure you put precious time aside for this on a weekly basis or pay someone with experience to do it for you. An effective Link Popularity Campaign is one of several Google SEO tips.

Without it, your website will certainly get no traffic.

You will find four different types of Linking involved and each one is as important as the other.

If they are carried out properly, they most certainly provides you with a good ranking in the search engines.

They are :

Reciprocal Links, One way Links, Multi-Site Links, Directory Listings & Reciprocal Linking

Basically – this is a link from your site to another and they link back to you. A little bit of advice here is to just link to websites that are highly relevant to yours. i.e – If you are selling Cars – just link to Car web sites, a link to a Health web site will really do you no justice, and believe me, I have seen numerous web site owners make this mistake.

What’s important here isn’t number of the links you have, but the quality and relevancy of the site your are linking back to. Be Selective and also take a good look at the websites linking to the site you want to link. It’s truly no good if this Car Site you would like to link to has 40 reciprocal Links from Online Pharmacies.

How to Do this :

1. Pay an affordable SEO Company to do it for you. ( recommended )

2. Purchase Them

3. Link Exchange Sites.

4. Search for them on your own

Important : Do not add to numerous reciprocal links too fast, build it up steadily otherwise you will be penalized by the search engines, as it will be seen as un-natural. A good way to start is not more than 10 to 20 in a single month. As your website gets older, you can start adding more.

One way Links

This is what the search engines name a natural link, and these links are given a much better ranking than a reciprocal link. The easiest method to do this is to write articles on what you’re selling and then submit them to article directories with a link back to your website.

Website owners are always searching for content for their sites, and Article Directories are the easiest method for them to obtain content, without them having to write them by themselves. There are a huge selection of these directories all over and the more you submit, the quicker you’ll build up your one way links. It also is less time consuming than reciprocal linking and you’ll get far better results.

Multi-Site Links

For this to be effective, you need at least three to four websites to be involved in this. It’s also seen as a natural link by the search engines and can be quite hard to do if you just have one web site. Even though it can be done. You will just need to find three other web sites that are interested.

How it works is this :

You link to site B, Site B links to site C, Site C links to site D and site D links back to you. In this manner, all the sites get a link without any of them creating a reciprocal link.

Directory Listings

This is also seen as a natural link as the majority of directories don’t need a link back. It is quite simple and all you need to do is submit your site to as many directories as you possibly can. You will find thousands of them on the internet, so all it needs is a bit of time and hard work. If you make it your goal to submit to one each day, the process won’t become a tiresome.

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