Social Media Holidays: How to Use Niche Celebrations to Engage Your Audience

It’s an average day–you hop on social media and you examine someone upright that it’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Who decided that today was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and, more importantly, how do parties even find out about this trash?

As a business owner or purveyor, you probably realize a few cases of these days pop up that would be great opportunities to take advantage of. A bakery can make a lot of use out of National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, but only if they know it’s coming.

These festivities are prime marketing the possibility for the first two theatres of the Customer Value Journey. In the earliest stages( Aware ), a client avatar has knowledge of your business. This is like somebody walking past your bakery for the first time or knowing it in the search results for “bakery near me.” In the second phase( Engage ), a customer avatar walkings into your bakery or decides to check out your online menu.

By using these celebrations to your advantage, you can create marketing campaigns that structure label awareness and engagement. For illustration, the bakery could keep a clue outside that says, “It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Buy one, get one free! ” or they could run a social media campaign that tells their followers they’re giving away a free cookie to anyone that comes into the bakery today.

Aside from niche performances, you can also use suffers that your clients gone through to drive awareness and engagement in the same room you are able to these holidays.

Here’s an example of how we created a campaign based on National Pet Day and another that related to our public recently…

Examples of Niche Holidays and Relatable Experience Campaigns

On National Pet Day( April 11 th for those who didn’t know this existed ), we put together a Facebook video of our babies doing their place to help us with our make. This is a post with the goal of awareness–getting purchaser avatars not familiar with DigitalMarketer to say, “who are these beings making their babies perform their duties for them ?! ”

Our goal was also to get parties to engage with the berth by attraction it and thinking, “these people are pretty funny…”

We also appointed a video streak announced Coping in Quarantine that featured our crew members.

In this video we had our unit talk about their favorite copywriting books they’re reading during the quarantine. This announce linked to our article announced DM Reading List — 11 Copywriting Book Recommendations from Engage Members, which we are looking forward our gathering who watched the video would click on.

Once they clicked on this post, we’d be able to pixel them and then continue to show them our top-of-funnel ads that helped them get to know us better.

How You Can Create Niche Celebrations or Relate to Your Audience’s Experience

We can promise you–there’s a social media holiday for everything, and you’re bound to find one that relates to your business somehow. And you can definitely( emphatically, surely) find experiences your purchasers are going through that you can create content around.

The most important part of this entire process is knowing what your end goal is( sorry to go full marketer on you ). If you’re extending a campaign for a social media holiday or for an experience your customer avatar is having, you have to know if you’re trying to get awareness or participation so you can build your campaign around it.

Depending on what you’re going for, you want to have a direct call to action for it. For illustration, our post on 2 Copywriting Book Recommendations was created to get viewers to want to read the other 9 copywriting bible suggestions we have.

Here’s our secret location for determine all the obscure vacations you didn’t know existed( trust us, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day will be the LEAST surprising thing you find on a directory like this ).

Once you’ve got your goal and your anniversary or know ready, it’s time to put together your safarus. You can do what we did in the above instances and use your employee-generated content, or you can make it fancier with After Gist flow graphics or royalty-free stock videos( we use Storyblocks ).

Time to get that clevernes flowing…

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