Small Business Website Design Tips

Most new businesses are starting to understand the value of Small Business Website Design. Free website hosting is available however you need to determine if this will suit your needs. Some sites you are able to design yourself and others you may get a custom website designer to design for you. In either instance, you will need to be aware of some information about this topic.

Small Business Website Design

When people visit your site, they should immediately know who you are and what the nature of your business is. One way to do this is to have an attention grabbing heading on your front page of the website. The company logo should be situated on the top left hand corner. Make sure the contact us button is easily visible. Here you should have a contact us form, your email and your phone number and fax number on your small business website design.

While your company’s mission and vision may seem important you, visitors to your small business website design could not give a hoot about this. They want a solution to a problem without have to live on your small business website design for the next week. Prices should be visible so they do not have to waste time phoning in to get quotes.

Small Business Website Design Success

Easy navigation is key. Many people want to access information they want in a single click. If your site is too comprehensive, add a search box. Be sure to title your pages properly and appropriately. Unique titles and keyword phrases will make for great ad copy.

Clear and clean designs are also a good idea, as is not using more than three varied fonts. Colors should not exceed three either. Using more than this will make your small business website design appear sloppy. Get the balance right between pictures and words. Too little text will not help you to get your website seen.

Make sure your photos are sized in the right way. Do not use the cursor on the corners of the photos, as this will just prolong the launch time of the browser. There is software available that will do this for you. Flash is also not a good idea. It looks nice, but that is about it. For the most part, people move on from flash sites as they usually contain information of very little value, if any at all. Some flash designers only rely on their flash because they have difficulty creating excellent custom website design.

If you are going to share your latest news with visitors to your small business website design, keep it coming. Nothing discourages as much as news from 2001. Unless you are going to update this weekly, remove it from your homepage. Long paragraphs should be broken up with bullets or photos. Nobody wants to read pages of irrelevant information.

Small Business Website Design is not very complicated if you are prepared to do some homework on the subject. You can so similar formatting, font and layout to that of your suppliers that you buy from.

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Small Business Website Design