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We must bear in mind that the first and most important objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase visits to a website. This with the highest possible position in search engines, mainly Google. This blog post contains great SEO Tips which are a set of techniques aimed at the positioning any website in the top results of search engines. This is how we get a good ranking in web pages. Here are several key SEO tips to put into practice.

SEO Tips #1: Web Page Keywords. To calculate how relevant a keyword is to a website it uses titles as links to sites. This helps the search engines find content related to an specific search term or keyword. The title is a direct link to the website related to that keyword being searched. After the title another important part on SEO is the meta description. The meta description simply tells the searcher a small summary of what the site is about.

SEO Tips #2: Keyword rich meta description tag. Usually the meta description is about two lines long. In those two lines you must convince the searcher to click on your site. This is why meta descriptions are so important. It is also recommended to use synonyms and keywords related to your targeted keywords for even better results. You might want to also mentioned your targeted keywords in your meta description.

SEO Tips #3: Keyword rich domain name. The domains also play an important part in positioning. An aged domain generally provides a better position than a new domain. Also a domain registered for only one year is indicative for the lack of continuity. Unlike a registered domain for several years which means is a long time project. Also included a domain that has keywords that you want to dominate.

SEO Tips #4: Link Strategy. The number of internal and external links to a site are very important. The place of popularity of a particular page is shared between all outgoing links of a page. Must maintain a balance in the number of outgoing links so as to promote the greater link juice flowing to internal pages of your domain. Control the number of outbound links to internal pages. The more backlinks you build the better your chances.

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