Shopify launches machine learning powered network for US merchants

This week, Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify launched its brand new Shopify Fulfillment Network for US-based brokers. The new structure implementations Shopify’s machine learning-driven smart inventory allocation technology to determine the closest and most efficient fulfillment centers for your business.

Why we should care

For SMBs being margined out by beings like Amazon, accessibility to an inventory fulfillment network — and the integrated technologies — could play a key role in cure small businesses stay competitive and allow them to grow.

According to Shopify, the new system does not require advanced technical skills. Thanks to this, the system can be used by busy digital purveyors operating with limited resources to market makes and drive e-commerce sales.

More on the bulletin

Shopify is working with fulfillment collaborators in Nevada, California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.Shopify too announced amends to its Shopify Plus experience.Shopify is also launching a new Shopify point-of-sale system.

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