No Review Posting Strategy

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Obtaining reviews directly from your clients helps you see their appreciation regarding the hard work you do. If your products or services fulfill the needs of the client, he will want to post a good review. However, if you want to post your 5 star reviews to local directories such as Bing, Yelp, Google or many others you will find that they automatically delete them if multiple reviews are sent from the same IP network or address.

If you want to post them from your networked office Google or other search engine will mark your account as spam and your posts as invalid. From their point of view, it’s hard to verify the validity of the account and the reviews, and that is absolutely right, because they can’t know if the reviews are fake or real.

But if the reviews for your company are indeed real, then there is a way around this problem, and that is to develop and use a proprietary strategy that makes it easy to override the review filters as well as the algorithms of the local directories so you can post your reviews safely, without the worry that they will be deleted.

Mobile Review Kiosk

One of the most useful ways to get this done is to utilize the help of a Mobile Review Kiosk which will make it a lot easier to collect all the real customer reviews that you currently have in your database, then use its proprietary techniques to bypass the review filters without hassle. This way your company will have the genuine reviews posted online and people will get to find out how good your services or products you offer really are!

This automated technique is useful for any company that really wants to share the customer reviews collected on their review page, without the time hassle. It’s definitely crucial to use such a technique if you really need to post as many reviews about your product or service online and you already have them for your clients. You should always remember that most people don’t buy anything from companies with only a few reviews, because they tend to fear about scammers for example. This is why getting some real reviews on the web, even if they are sent from a single IP address will help them realize that your company indeed has an amazing product and they do need to try it out right away.

In the end, it comes down each customer to post reviews online about products and companies, but if some customers can’t do that then handing them to the company directly so they can post it for them will work as well. With the help of a Mobile Review Kiosk any company can post as many reviews as possible from the same IP without worrying about any type of problems. Not only this will help in company promotion, but it will also aid in creating a good image for the business as well.

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