Pure CSS Animation of Blog Post Excerpt on Hover

In this tutorial, we’ll make this cool animation of uncovering the blog affix excerpt on hover exploiting unadulterated CSS and no JavaScript. The GIF below shows what you will be able to create following the adjournment of this. You should have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to follow the tutorial.

Pure CSS Animation

This is a simple and neat animation that can be used on a page that lists blog uprights. Each berth on the listing( or grid) presents only the featured persona with the entitlement at first. When you levitate anywhere on the epitome, the background zooms in and the entitlement gradually moves up divulging the excerpt, a “read more” link, the published appointment and time to read. Let’s get started!

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Setting up

Create a blank HTML document and name it index.html. Add the basic HTML skeleton. If you use Visual Studio Code, all you need to do is type “!” and hit open. You will end up with this.


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