Profitable eCommerce Website Title Tag and Description TagTips

In the never-ending quest to bolster profitability of a profitable ecommerce website, owners should understand the importance of effective title tags. Here’s a simple overview. The ability to customize meta and Title tags is one of the most common tasks mastered in the creation and maintenance of a profitable e-commerce website. These html tags do two things:

  • Tell search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing what your web page is about
  • Specifically, if you want a page to rank for a specific keyword phrase, you should place this key phrase in the meta code and Title tags.
  • Tell search engines like Google what to display in search results
  • Look at the top of your browser. See the extreme top of your browser display monitor? That’s the Title tag. When you’re doing a search in Google, you’ll notice that results display with a line of blue bold text followed by two lines of supporting text. The blue bold text is the Title tag for that page and generally the supporting text is the description metatag.

Here’s a few tips to maximize results from these tags:

  • Never repeat a Title or description tag (unique tags for each page)
  • Do not stuff Title and description tags with keywords – Google can perceive this as spammy. The site might be penalized.
  • Put the keyword phrase describing the page toward the beginning of the Title and description tags. This maximizes priority for the key phrase from the search engine’s perspective.

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