Marketing Tool Wizardry: Roland Frasier’s Most Coveted, Closely Guarded, Secret Stash Of Marketing Tools

This post comes from one of the most popular hearings at T& C each year. Roland Frasier discovers all of the most recent tools that he, the DM team, and the high-level War Room Mastermind representatives are using across all of their businesses to outperform the competition, automate their businesses, and gain as countless approximately biased competitive edge as they are unable to.

If you’re looking for implements to move your life easier and your business road more successful, you won’t want to miss this one.

To find appropriate tools that others used to build their website 😛 TAGEND

Use to generate leadsUse to see what others are building their website with

What are the top tools in terms of the percentage of websites have them based on an industry

Competitive Ability Implements:

Essential 😛 TAGEND

Detailed desktop/ portable traffic, demographic, favourite pages report

Ad histories, days on grocery, networks, innovative landers

Customer journeying from ad system/ inventives to lander

SEO keyword study, ads, backlinks

Backlinks, keyword/ competitive analysis, grade moving

Chrome extension displays all on sheet ad tech

Direct forward+ email expedition action moving

Complete competitive intel on produce propels, site varies, and expenditure moving

Video knowledge, conduct moving, and leaderboards

Web position ad competitive ability

Optional 😛 TAGEND

Discover highimpact report before the media does

Competitor ad intellect implement

Low-end, all in one ad intelligence tool

Content Marketing:

Uses AI to analyze the relevant entanglement

Largest blogger database

Turn curated material into leads

Grow organically with material commerce

Plan, build, and optimize your material with AI

Search instrument for correspondents to find publics

Profitable marketing insight and analysis

Content marketing tools

Ecommerce Tools:

Grow eCommerce working web pushing notifications

Agents that develop your marketings and transitions

ecommerce tools


Track Amazon sales from Facebook ads

Amazon Seller Tools

Funnel, Cart,& CRM Tools:

Funnel Cart/CRM Tools

Ad Stuff:

Advanced automation for Facebook ads

Combine creative and buying automation on a single platform

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Keyword Research:

Local meaning keywords, business message keywords, video purport keywords, suggestions for Amazon, suggestions for eBay

SEO data

Discover low-spirited competition keywords

keyword research tools

TOFU Quizzes, Contests& Games:

Highly interactive material

Generates guides from quizs

Marketing apps

Web calculator for pricing and checkout

Referral commerce platform to launch a prelaunch safarus

Targeted email newsletters that you can sponsor

Traffic-Getting Tools:

Traffic-getting tools


Quality link scraping

Organic traffic

seo tools

The List:

Email signature commerce

Video emails

Generate pass with cold emails

Find anyone’s email address

list, crm, and email tools


Keyword research for YouTube

Extract extended directories of highly relevant and favourite YouTube videos with monetization enabled

Instantly shareable videos

Lumen5. com

Transform articles into videos

YouTube emergence

Extract labels from a YouTube video

video tools



Engagement for Facebook Live

Stream live video to 30+ stages

Interactive Facebook live videos

Automatically share Facebook Live video


Charge photos on flake of the competencies, faithfulnes, etc.

image tools


URL and UTM manager for savvy marketers

Track pixels with a WordPress plugin

Convert visitors into customers


Get re-examine, build awareness, and increase marketings

Monitor influencer platforms

Influencer date and fund calculator for Instagram


See any website’s analytics account

Monitor, analyze, and optimize your website


Conversion Optimization:

Revenue attribution

Acquire clients, involve clients, funding clients polly

Turn text into life like discussion utilizing depth learning

Create Chatbot

Online scheduling for customers and prospects

Convert website visitors to clients

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Personalize network, apps, and emails

Insights on website availability and performance

Phone Button website widget that doubleds conversions

Call inbound precedes within seconds

Real time notification on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop

Synchronize an autoresponder into Facebook custom publics

Access to 2,000+ real mobile manoeuvres and browsers

Capture emails and abbreviate cessation with onsite presentations and automated emails

Free subscription metrics

Email campaign developer and A/ B tester

Conversion optimization


LinkedIn auctions navigator and recruiter

Social media handling

Grow your Instagram and Twitter following

Find, attract, and engage with your promises on LinkedIn

Social media optimization that self optimizes income

Facebook ad knowledge

Find precedes, drive traffic, and start material for make generation

Transcription, captions, and foreign subtitles

Social Tools


Personalized likeness

Personalized website ordeal based on email directory

Personalized messaging across mobile, email, entanglement, TV( OTT ), etc.


Business Functioning+ Tools:

Sales conversions based on scientific research

Customizable portfolio of world-wide business solutions

Notetaking and collaboration app

LMS that extradites effective hire teach

Provides message from subject matter professionals, existing material, and other programmes through your existing chit-chat interface

Visual, collaborative work space

Documentation and how to’s for your business for faster onboarding

Shows you the companies touring your website, how they discovered you, and what they’re interested in

Predictive analytics that engender pipe

Shared inbox for squads application/ confluence

Shared workspace

Business operations and team tools

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