LearnDash Review: Excellent Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin For WordPress

LearnDash, to set it plainly, is a learning management system that constructs it super easy to create directions, administer students, and more all from a single convenient dashboard.

It’s a real game changer when it comes to managing online learning and classrooms. But some may be intimidated by the prospect of having to get familiar with yet another piece of application. The immense thing here is that it’s actually a plugin that can be directly integrated into WordPress. That signifies one dashboard for your part website( and less passwords to remember, too ).

Before to dive deeper into the subject, let’s pause for a moment to take a look at what LearnDash is and what it can do.

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What is LearnDash?

As a discover administration structure, LearnDash modernizes the process of creating an online class. Within these courses, you can add separate lessons and topics, videos, quizzes, timers, undertakings, and more. You are also welcome to compose drip-fed content and determined requisites and establish track meetings so students can communicate with one another.

LearnDash too makes it possible to monetize your trends and has remittance integrating built-in that relies on PayPal. You can be utilized other eCommerce stages, payment processors, or even body plugins in conjunction with LearnDash as well to add more features and to give your students more ways to pay.

Finally, the ascertain administration peculiarities extend to the backend as well. So, once you’ve caused a route, students sign up, and they’re actively engaged in learning, you can keep track of assignments, look reports, compose user groups, send email notifications, and more all from within WordPress.

LearnDash Screenshot - learning management system

Who Can Use LearnDash?

Now that you have a general opinion of what LearnDash is, we can explore who might be interested in using such a plugin. To make it simply, this plugin is seen for those who want to publish courses on the Internet. This can signify a number of different things to different people, of course. For some, this is just a matter of adding a couple of courses to an existing WordPress site. For others, the goal is to create a learning platform from scratch through which you organize endless students.

LearnDash could be used by 😛 TAGEND

Existing companionships looking to provide hands-on training to employees. Website owners who wish to sell online trends to the public. Sites that want to provide a subscription-based school assistance.

The great thing about LearnDash is that you can awarding certificates to those who complete a trend to specifications you define. These certifications can also be used as prerequisites for added courses.


Let’s take some time to explore the various features of LearnDash . We can’t plaster them all now, but a general breakdown will give you new ideas of whether or not you are able to made of this learning handling plugin.

Trend Builder

Most important, LearnDash includes a route make that you can use to create your own custom online courses right within WordPress. It has a drag-and-drop interface and uses a lot of the native WordPress dashboard pieces to keep things simple and direct from a UI perspective. You will basically be using a combination of WordPress implements and plugin-specific tools to create your courses.

Naming and Quizzes

Another key aspect is the ability to create assignments and quizs. Of track, these are important aspects of any class a person may take, so it’s extremely helpful that those features are included here as well. You can configure works within LearnDash and their datum can be automatically added to the Gradebook where you can manual value them.

The same circulates for quizs. You can select from a variety of question formats, including short answers and papers. You can even lend a era element.

Focus Mode

Another feature we want to point out is Focus Mode. When a student retrieves the frontend of your track, it’ll be a seamless experience for them. No clunky back-end style UIs or counterintuitive menus. The student’s experience will be one of professionalism through and through. This saves you a great deal of time too, as you won’t have to design the outward gape of your direction at all.

Amalgamation& Addons

One final thing we’ll say about LearnDash boasts is the abundance of consolidations and addons available. You can easily contributed other eCommerce systems and payment gateways to LearnDash outside of PayPal including Stripe, WooCommerce, and Samcart.

You can also lend body plugins like Restrict Content Pro or MemberPress. Add more communication alternatives exercising Slack and email sell with MailChimp. Add on gatherings with BuddyPress or BBPress. And the inventory gone on. Though LearnDash is a fairly comprehensive plugin begins with, you can expand its features further thanks to these addons and create a richer experience for your students as a result.

LearnDash Screenshot - LMS plugin

Advantages of LearnDash

As you might’ve gathered by now, LearnDash retains countless supportive features that give it a real advantage for call as a hear control method. Now are a handful of reasons to use it 😛 TAGEND

Visual Course Builder: This reaches it super easy to create your online routes use a drag-and-drop builder. Prerequisites: Ensure parties are following your courses in the proper fiat. Drop-content: Let the content trickle out at a predetermined proportion. Embed self-hosted videos Automated triggers that give you a head’s up when someone recruits in a trend, completes quizzes, and so forth. Abundant add-ons and desegregations Localization and translation-ready

Disadvantages of Using LearnDash

LearnDash is a well-rounded plugin but it does got a few impediments 😛 TAGEND

Lack of Setup Help: There’s no setup assist or guidance when setting up the plugin for the first time. This can be a bit disorienting if you’re brand new to learning management plugins in general or even dealing with more robust WordPress plugins. More Many Features: In some examples, LearnDash was somewhat more robust. It has a ton of peculiarity you can pick and choose from but as with detail# 1, this can be a tad overwhelm if you’re a newbie. In short, there’s a study bow now. You Will Need Some Addons: It’s huge that this plugin has so many integratings and addons accessible but it is a bit of an issue that you will most definitely need a few cases of them if you’re looking to use LearnDash in any meaningful mode. The added remittance gateway integrations are often what people flock to first. But digital downloads and meetings are also addons parties tend to gravitate toward. Cost: The pricing of LearnDash is highly competitive( see below) but there is still a price tag and this can be a turn off for those who don’t have the budgetary resources for a payment answer.

Getting Started with LearnDash

Should you decide to add LearnDash to your WordPress site, you can sign up for and download it readily. The plugin comes as an integrated part of three different parcels. These break down as follows 😛 TAGEND

Basic: For a single site license, a year of support and updates, boosted quizzing, certifications, and drip-feed tasks, you can expect to pay $159. Plus: This bundle includes licenses for 10 sites, ProPanel, and everything in the Basic plan. It costs $189. Pro: The third and last pack allows you to create up to 25 route areas, provides access to the ProPanel and everything included in the Basic plan. Expect to pay $ 329 for this one.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about LearnDash to make an informed decision. Best of luck in your effort to create an online course!

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