The Importance of a Mobile Website for your Business

Almost everyone, right from a thirteen year-old teenager to a seventy year-old elderly seems to have a mobile phone nowadays, and every business should be reaching to this incredible market with a mobile website. More than a fashion statement, keeping a mobile has become necessary and more and more businesses are coming up with websites that exclusively cater to the mobile audience. Also known as mobile websites, these websites are specifically made for people who like to carry their virtual world wherever they go. So if you have a small or medium scale business and do not have a business mobile website or an application, chances are you are already losing a significant part of the traffic.


Why Business Mobile Website is a Hit:

As mentioned earlier, almost everyone has a mobile phone and more than 80% of mobile owners have a working internet connection. So it is of little doubt that there is more scope for your business to be recognized on mobile rather than a desktop. Moreover, it hardly takes more than a few seconds to launch a website on the phone as compared to the desktop. Anybody has access to your website from anywhere and people do not need a place to sit and go through the contents. Instead they can just search for your website while travelling, eating, and studying or doing any other work. In short, business mobile websites offer quick access, targeted advertising and increased organic ranking.

Why You Should go for a Specific Mobile Website:

Most business owners feel that it is unnecessary to launch a specific website for the mobile when they actually have the desktop version that can be accessed through a phone But what they forget to understand is that the desktop versions are made for larger screens and do not fit the shorter screen of mobile phones. So a user has to pull and push the screen to adjust the screen and find what he wants. But after some time, he gets bored and subsequently shifts his preference to other competitors. Hence launching a separate mobile website for your business will ensure that you can target both the mobile and desktop users and get an edge over your competitors.

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Increase profits:

When a person is on their phone, it is the most immediate reponse to their needs that they want right NOW. With a high speed, carefully designed mobile optimized website, those BUYERS will not be driven away from your store. Google will now place your business on the search ranking higher than your competitors because of the recognized advantage for users. Plus, Business mobile websites can be accessed from anywhere, so your customers on the go can find you fast. They are very adaptive and are very effective in reading QR codes that can be used for a coupon to convert more mobile website traffic into sales. Overall, the website helps to drive more and more traffic towards the website, convert more sales, and hence increase your net profit.

Improve Organic Rankings:

It is imperative that you advertise about your mobile website as much as possible since it would help in the increase of your organic website by steadily bringing in traffic from mobile website users. Do so by telling users about the QR Coupon they can access through their mobile phones that will help raise your average buy price. More people will access the site to take advantage of the coupon & improve your website’s oversall organic traffic ranking.

Reduce AdWords Click Costs:

As an advertiser for your business on Google AdWords, it is easy to fall into the trap by incurring huge costs on AdWords clicks. Not to mention, the recent study that found that most clicks may actually turn out to be fraudulent, incurred by your competitors to increase your costs on purpose! To lessen that, a mobile website could be a great idea. Yes, now with a mobile website, you can easily create a responsive design for your website and then wait for the traffic to usher in. Responsive designs ensure that your mobile website works on almost any kind of device and this will ensure that the cost of running your AdWords campaign can decrease with the increase of new mobile traffic.


Build a 5 Star Reputation Online

A 5 star reputation is quickly becoming a requirement to help your business stand out next to your competitors, and can surely make or break your company’s traffic. For example, suppose you and your competing firms have aggressively used the Google Adwords, PPC strategy, and various other SEO techniques to boost the ranking of your respective websites, but your competing firm has a five star reputation while you do not have one. This will lead to the traffic choosing your competitor’s website because of their subliminal reaction to the trustworthiness of a 5 star reputation. A low reputation for your company, on the other hand will result in poor traffic generation, negative reviews and lesser ad revenues and organic traffic to your site. Thus in order to be ahead in the race than your other competitors and earn reputation thoroughly, 5 star reputation is of supreme importance. Make sure that you have the upper hand!

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