How To Use Mailchimp’s New Creative Assistant To Brand Your Campaigns Automatically

If you’re not already familiar with Mailchimp, you should be! Mailchimp is a matter for the top online marketing platforms around- we use it now at 1WD to send out our newsletters every other week. There are many other behaviors you can use Mailchimp to grocery your business, and now they have constructed it even easier with their new AI-powered design tool: Creative Assistant.

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant

In this article we’re going to show you what the new Creative Assistant is, what it does, and how easy it is to use it. Let’s get started!

What Is Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant?

Creative Assistant is the first AI-powered design tool in a major online marketing programme that fixes beautiful multichannel layouts for you. By simply registering your website’s URL, the AI gets to know your brand and then organizes a Brand Kit along with unique, branded layouts so you can build better marketing and germinate your auctions. It consumes scheme best practices and AI to ensure your designs facilitate drive date and are professional, beautiful and consistent across paths — but you still have the final say to easily make adjustments before publishing. It also resizes the designs based on the marketing channel you plan to use them on. In short-lived, it’s pretty sweet!

How Does The Creative Assistant Work?

To show you how simple it is to start using the Creative Assistant, we decided to give it a try in our own Mailchimp account. Here’s how easy it was to get up and running.

First, we ratified into our Mailchimp account, steered to the Content Studio, penetrated our URL and clicked the button labeled “Show Me Designs”.

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant - Step 1

After a minute or two, this screen showed up 😛 TAGEND

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant - Designs

As you can see, the AI grabbed our logo, Google typefaces, brand colours, and an excerpt from one of our latest uprights. It even managed to take our logo and create a white version for darker backgrounds( this setting can be tweaked in the Brand Kit that is also developed ). The stock image was pulled by the AI from Unsplash.

This was an superb start, but we wanted to make this up a notch, so we sounded on the “Content” button in the top right and quickly deepened out the verse and epitomes to get this 😛 TAGEND

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant - Results Edited

Wow! That was immediate! Now we have ready-made, professional motifs that we can use across our market paths to promote this upright. By clicking the dropdown next to the size we’re viewing, we could see the designs in various sizings, automatically generated for a number of marketing channels at the remedy sizes. Check out some of the Instagram posts that originate 😛 TAGEND

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant - Instagram Post Designs

Color us amazed! There are also a variety of other sizes that the Creative Assistant can engender for Facebook posts and ads, Twitter, Linkedin, and much more. So instead of having to open up your favorite design software and create your own marketing assets for each pulpit each time, it can all be done quickly and easily for you all in one place. This can save us so much time!

Of course, you can also edit the vogue and motifs of each of the resources developed, and do the same with the Brand Kit that was generated. Here’s a look at the Brand Kit it generated for us 😛 TAGEND

Mailchimp's Creative Assistant - Brand Kit

By clicking on any of the above resources we were able to edit them to our penchant, modifying colours, contexts, giving primary insignium, and defining the Brand Personality. The alterations we make are then used throughout our note in scheme resources and campaigns.

The Creative Assistant can also be used in other methods and other areas throughout Mailchimp. For instance, it can be used while editing a newsletter’s design. Look how, by simply clicking the Creative Assistant button within the newsletter editing sheet, the first screenshot was replaced by the second.

Before 😛 TAGEND

Newsletter Before

After 😛 TAGEND

Newsletter After

Start Using This New Tool Today!

Obviously, the results of our experience with Mailchimp’s brand-new Creative Assistant extends beyond impressive. We will definitely be able to use it from now on and learning how our marketing endeavours can benefit even more than this brief look has shown us. The Creative Assistant is located at beta, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using it today. As you’ve seen, it is already an important, time-saving, and peculiar implement is in addition to your sell arsenal. If you’re previously using Mailchimp, you must give this new feature a try. And if you’re not a current Mailchimp account purchaser, we strongly encourage you to get signed up- their pricing hopes are inexpensive and they even have a free programme. So head on over and get started with Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant now!