How to Make Sure Your Social Media Posts Really Stand Out in 2021

With so many firebrands devoting more and more in their social media proximity, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out.

You need to be always experimenting with brand-new ploys and formats, and you need to always surprise your current followers to acquire brand-new ones.

With that in subconsciou( and as a the context of the preparations for the fast-approaching new year ), I’ve gathered a roll of some of the most creative implements and stunts you can use to shape your social media content stand out!

Of course, different social media platforms may require different ruses, but this collection of ideas offers almost universal gratuities and patterns 😛 TAGEND

1. Up Your inspired GIF Game

Images have scientifically been demonstrated to to improve social media date and animated portraits accomplish even better, so it is only natural to start by upping your visual sell game.

From artistic cinemographs to humorous movie memes, invigorated GIFs made a confident come-back to our lives a few years ago, and they remain potent social media material these days.

You can certainly find great invigorated GIFs online( or even download from Twitter ), but your best bet is–as always–to create your own original content. The good information, you don’t need to hire decorators or buy expensive software for that.

Pixaloop, a artistic app by Lightricks, is one of my recent( and favorite) uncoverings. Pixaloop allows you to “bring your photos to life.” In essence, the app allows you to animate any one of the purposes of your photo 😛 TAGEND

Use arrows to set the flow directionPlace fixes to hold parts of image in placeFreeze areas of photos to keep them still.

On top of that, you get a variety of video influences, overlay objects( hotshots, butterflies, candle glints, coffee steam, etc .), camera impacts, and moves. It is a powerful toolset for creating awesome revises that can fit just about any social media feed, regardless of the platform.

The app has a free option which I upgraded to an unlimited access for( I foresee) about$ 4 per month.

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2. Take Advantage of ASCII Art

Text art( likewise referred to as ASCII art) is another older trend that made a comeback thanks to Twitter.

There are many beings out there that don’t recognize ASCII art; we call those people ” idiots “.

Somewhere between the widely popular shrug emoticon and the sign bunny memes, turning your keyboard epitomizes into funny animations is a matter again!

Some firebrands are actually becoming famed due to the inventive( and well-branded) ASCII art. @MoonPie is the perfect example of putting their concoctions inside a hilarious and sharable framework by squandering basic ASCII art 😛 TAGEND

If you are willing to explore this maneuver, here are a few resources and implements helping originate social-media-friendly ASCII art 😛 TAGEND

Here’s a collection of ASCII bunnies to copy-paste in your social media modernizes or commentsHere are more text chassis and emoticons to reproduce (, revise) and paste! If you are geeky enough, here’s a delightful tutorial on using Node.js to create ASCII art from any situation.

3. Create Long-Form Content

Long-form content is an overall trend that impacts countless market tricks. More and more symbols are organizing big registers and lessons that take hours to read. They have been found to grade better( longer content receives 77.2% more backlinks than short-lived clauses) and they appear to do well on social media.

But long-form content is not only good for your on-site content–it’s also great for social media revises. More and more envisage masters are putting long Twitter yarns together that read like sections. For illustration, when talking about Quora on Twitter, Anita Campbell, founder of Small Biz Trends, includes personal stats, solutions, and gratuities to achieve more on Quora.

Obviously, Twitter is not the only social media pulpit to try long-form content. Other systems seem to be adopting longer content formats as well. Fohr has just published studies and research study claiming that the average caption length on Instagram has more than redoubled since 2016.

[ There’s a good reason to believe, the caption period will grow even more in 2021]

Sharing tales on Instagram is quickly becoming a thing! Followers like to watch paints, but it’s the text caption that stirs them commentary, answer questions and contribute their opinions.

When creating long-form content, don’t forget that it is still your official account and your label. Make sure your utter is consistent and professional 😛 TAGEND

Before you ever schedule long-form poles for social media directs, proofread everything. It is a good idea to use a grammar checker implement.To produce more meanings, use Text Optimizer. It will suggest more inclinations and help you create better optimized framework for your long-form content:

Bonus: Keep an Eye on Your Decisions

No serious commerce approach can exist without careful and consistent measuring of results. Social media is no exception. There’s no deficit of social media analytics implements that help you monitor your content carry-on and identify your best performing updates.

Agorapulse is one example. It gives you full dominate over your social media schedule and helps you track your cross-channel content performance.

It is always a good thought to adjust your analytics dashboard to instant see how your social media traffic is interacting with your site. There are a few potent mixtures for that that also integrate with your place, but the most wonderful( hitherto the most in-depth) one is probably Finteza: a service that lets you slice and dice your data by traffic informants, demographics and on-site engagement 😛 TAGEND


Creating social media updates that stand out is art. There’s no single route to do that. It makes weeks and months of experimentation and weighing decisions. It involves lots of brainstorming and imagination. And this establishes the process so exciting!

I hope the above feelings will help you come up with some original social media material that will bring brand-new followers and symbol proposes. Good luck!

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