How to Increase Instagram Story Engagement

Since launching in 2016, Instagram Stories has become more than merely a popular sharing feature. It’s now likewise an effective marketing tool.

The Snapchat-inspired feature offers firebrands a entertaining and free course to actively engage with their partisans and target audience.

More than 500 million people watch Instagram Stories every day. 500 million. That’s a lot of potential patrons that is likely to be engaging with your business. Of track, your brand isn’t the only one on the market vying for tending, so it’s important to stand out. That’s where we come in…

Below are just a few tried and true policies for exploiting symbol awareness and increasing viewer engagement on Instagram legends.

Remember, with great social programme comes great responsibility … that’s how the saying leads, right?

Tell a Story

This Nat Geo Instagram Story uses a story to increase engagement

It’s right there in the mention, an engaging Instagram Story must first and foremost–tell a story.

Seems like a no brainer, we are all familiar with, but you’d be surprised at the difference a cohesive narrative draws when it comes to keeping your audience’s attention.

A bunch of random photos thrown together leaves the see feeling confused and disconnected which means they’re most likely clicking through as fast as they can to get to the next note.

Even the slightest quantity of framework causes the audience “in” on your tale, which in turn moves them aware of your purpose and improves them understand your label as a whole.

That being said, we’ve found that using a narration committee is a great practice to imagine your Instagram Stories ahead of time. Pre-scheduling and preparation are key.

Use Hashtags

This Later Media Instagram Story uses hashtags to increase engagement

Adding hashtags to your Instagram Stories is a super easy direction to multiply your reach and engagement. It allows brand-new gatherings to discover your content and start following you.

If a hashtag is favourite fairly, users can actually search for it and goal live storeys on a curated hashtag page where they may come across your history.

This is why it’s so important to use words and terms you think might be top of mind for your target customers.

Add Stickers

Starbucks uses a choice sticker to increase engagement on their Instagram Story

One of the most effective ways to increase social date is by squandering stickers. You’ve likely discover these on a friend’s account or maybe applied by another favourite label.

Whether it’s a humorous emoji or a poll prompting responses to the organization of the day, there are a number of different ways to make stickers engaging.

These are a few sticker alternatives we’ve seen work well for brand marketing:

Countdown stickers are great for creating anticipation around a make open or happening. Referendums and question stickers are handy for learning more about your adherents and their sentiments. Gif stickers allow you to get creative with your CTA’s and they let your adherents know you’re not a regular brand, you’re a cool symbol. Quiz stickers are a merriment facet that allow users to be involved in your stories and renders leisure in addition to brand awareness. Caption Your Videos

AOC has captions on her Instagram Story to help with engagement

If you’ve ever been tapping through Instagram Stories while at work( or in another locale which doesn’t welcome sudden, blasting audio) you “know what youre talking about” frustrating it can be when you want to watch an account’s video content and it doesn’t have captions.

That’s one reason why it’s so important as a label to compile sure you include captions for videos that can be watched without audio.

More importantly, you don’t want to alienate your audience member that may be hard of hearing.

Users are far more likely to stay engaged when they can enjoy material from anywhere regardless of sound capability.

If captions are not an option for certain videos, then a “sound on” cue is a good way to let the onlooker know they have to turn their voice on for that special patch of the information contained. Otherwise, they will most likely get annoyed and move on to the next chronicle.

Keep them around by contribute them the amenity of enjoying your material no matter where they are.

Clipomatic is a video revising app available on the Apple Store that allows you to record captions exercising speech approval.

Find Peak Engagement Times

Insights on story engagement from the Instagram Insights tab

Knowing your gathering is key to increasing engagement on social media.

That implies doing a deep dive into your analytics to be informed about when your admirers are typically most engaged with you. Once you’ve hammered that down, you can plan your fibs around those top date dates to ensure you’re maximizing audience attention with your best content.

Every Instagram business account is furnished with an Insights invoice which allows access to Instagram’s native analytics.

These metrics include anything from demographic factors like age compas, gender, and location to peak activity times, most popular berths, and more. They will be an invaluable slouse of your social approach.

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Cross Promote Within Your Feed

An Instagram post with a mention to

Another way to send more sees to your brand’s Instagram Stories is by cross-promoting them within your regular feed.

This is especially helpful if you already have substantial participation with your posts and need to diversify audience attention.

The favourite social media scheduler platform Later does a very good job of organically placing parties to their Instagram Stories from their feed, as you can see from the berth above.

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Reshare User Content

Reshared content on the fellaswim Instagram Story increases engagement

Perhaps one of the best ways to fill your tales with engaging material is by re-sharing user posts.

Not simply does it stir your admirers feel like they’re part of your symbol, but it also originates valuable buyer cartel.

According to Business 2 Community, User Generated Content( UGC) is 50% more trustworthy than any other kind of media. Hence why there’s such a wildly successful influencer grocery on Instagram.

The swim brand Fella Swim, for example, did an entire “As Seen On” series which co-branded user content with their own. Check it out above.

Use the “Swipe Up” Feature

The last of these three Converse Instagram Stories has a

You’ve likely encounter popular brand accountings use Instagram’s “Swipe Up” feature in their stories. This aspect is only available for notes with 10,000 or more partisans, so if your symbol hasn’t affected that assessment hitherto, it’s a great goal to strive for.

The Swipe Up tool inspires partisans to engage with a specific landing page on your website or spurs them to purchase a new product. They can easily swipe up from your narration and be taken to a new page without knowledge a complete disruption to their ordinary social undertaking.

For example, the Converse Instagram account does a great job of prompting their adherents to check out new collects without being too “in your face.”

Respond to Direct Messages

Later Media responding to an Instagram DM will help increase story engagement

One of the biggest things every symbol should be doing is responding to audience direct senses.

If you want people to engage with you, then it merely realise sense that you engage with them in return.

Obviously, when you get to a certain level it becomes difficult to respond to everyone, but at least seeing the effort shows your audience that you are an genuine and genuine firebrand.

If you are receiving a lot of similar the issue of your DM’s, it’s also useful to post responses in your Instagram Stories. This nature all of your admirers can feel as though they’ve been acknowledged.

Collaborate with Other Brands/ Try Takeovers

Anthropologie and The Good Hive collaborated on their Instagram Story for Earth Day

Collaborating with new labels is another good way to grab audience attention, extremely if you’re in a innovative groove.

Whether you have an influencer take over your fib for a day, or maybe host an Instagram Live video with another symbol, there are endless ways to change up your material while also building meaningful relationships.

Check out the collaboration above that Anthropologie did with The Good Hive for Earth Day.

This kind of project not only inspections good for your brand, but it also shows you’re capable of expanding the type of content you do.

Give Your Audience Something to Share

Bangs created an

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to remember that wishes to your gathering to share the content you develop.

Yes, it seems obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of this when you’re thinking as a label and not a consumer. Always put yourself in the audience’s perspective.

What kind of content would you want to share as a admirer? How are you able appoint this content for your love?

Everyone desires a good Instagrammable moment, extremely influencers who are even more likely to take advantage of a photo op.

The regional Austin shoe brand BANGS smacks it out of the common when it comes to creating Instagram times with a word. Check their content here.

With these participation strategies, you’ll be on your lane to creating a killer social media vicinity and structure a more active audience for your symbol. Then, it’s only a matter of continuing them through the Customer Journey to become customers.

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