How to Get Your Web Developer on Board with SEO [Bonus PDF] – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by BritneyMuller

You’ve figured out what’s mistaken, and you’ve delivered a laundry list of asks to your network dev unit: re-index these sheets, choose this replication material, redirect these URLs … but how often are those sets prioritized, and how much meter do you invest in pushing to get them there? Cultivating a positive, productive affair with your network makes is one of the smartest( and most empathetic) things you can do as an SEO. After all, they’re your other half, the key to going your work done quickly and well. In this Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller shares six indispensable ways to get your web dev on board with SEO, from working to better understand their role and offer help when you can, to sharing your wins and asking for feedback on working together.

And don’t miss the end — we’ve liberated our brand-new Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet for 2020, the perfect pairing for today’s video!