How to Find a Marketplace to Sell Your Designs

Once you have finished your quantity of logos, website pattern, or whatever creative work you procreated, you need a marketplace to sell it on. There are a vast number of websites out there for you to choose from.

Selling your blueprints is a very easy way to form some extra money and to expand your label. Whether you are an illustrator, 3D artist or logo make, there is a demand for your creative work.

There is no longer a need to build your own website to sell designs. Now, it is easier than ever to roll your work on ecommerce websites to help you contact thousands( if not millions) of people. This article will help you find the one that best clothings your needs.

Creative Market

Screen from Creative Market

“Empowering creators to make a living do what they love” is a phrase that Creative Market uses to describe what they offer and this nurses very true. Creative Market has a network of about 5.9 million potential customers that could be interested in obtaining your work.

This marketplace is used to sell graphics, WordPress themes, stock photos, and many other digital goods. There are many success narrations from dealers exploiting Creative Market to sell their goods and making a lot of money doing so. Narration such as Nicky Laatz, a South African shop owner, who has earned more than $ 1,000, 000 selling her is currently working on Creative Market.

Envato Elements

Screen from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a digital marketplace that allows inventors to sell multiple digital goods such as graphics, typefaces, WordPress themes, network templates and photos- along with many more digital items.

The company believes in supporting independent designers and that when local communities attains, the company supersedes. With this belief they share an even 50% of the net revenue with their designers and sellers. This marketplace is driven alone by the community of decorators who sell their work with them. Envato Elements is a great way to get paid for your creative work.


Screen from DesignCuts

DesignCuts is a digital marketplace that is driven by the community. They are very selective in who they allow to sell on their marketplace. Taking a inspect to their website, you will see the repeat “We’re awfully exclusive and work with merely very good designers in the nations of the world, curating the highest quality mart around.”

This means it is tough to become a seller on their mart. But once you do, you will be part of a small group who has access to a large share of potential customers.

The Hungry JPEG

Screen from The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG began in late 2014 as a website to help decorators and crafters steer the design world. By mid-2 015, they propelled a shop to give decorators a action to make money from their craft.

They offer a wide range of commodities, from handmade goods to website templates. If you choose to sell on The Hungry JPEG, you will earn 70% of every auction you fix- one of the highest numbers of all the websites on this list.

Also, they do not ask for an exclusivity deal- wanting you can list your concoctions on their website and any other websites of your choose. They also offer an automated concoction give method so your pieces are always exchanging, even when you are away.


Screen from YouWorkForThem

YouWorkForThem has been available since 2001 and is one of the oldest online marts. They are privately owned and run by a group of designers who know what is best for the designer.

They are used by many major brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Amazon, Samsung and many others. YouWorkForThem splits the profits 50/50 with all the designers who realize fonts and inventory artistry. On top of that, they will market your schemes on their social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, that have a mixed gathering of roughly 80,000 people.


Screen from Etsy

Etsy is one of the largest global marketplaces around. With a concentration on handmade goods, jewelry, and apparel, you can also find digital goods such as website designs.

They are also one of the most wonderful situates to sell your work, but this ease and vast customer base also makes greater competition. Etsy does offering cheap ways to list your work with costs as low-toned as $0.20. With the many tools that Etsy supplies, it is very possible to become a successful seller on their website.


Screen from Society6

Society6 is very similar to Etsy in that it focuses on selling handmade ships and goods. Their market largely consists of artwork that goes on makes like jugs, phone cases, and t-shirts. This is the place to get your work in front of thousands of people and a network that ripens every day.

Template Monster

Screen from Template Monster

Template Monster has been in business since 2002 and from the get-go they deepened the highway websites are improved. They specialize in offering web templates and other related digital goods.

You’ll find WordPress themes and plugins, CMS templates, fonts, and instances along with many more digital products to sell and buy. Each month they supplement roughly 400 new commodities in all the categories mentioned above.

They too offer 24/7 customer support for vendors and purchasers, realizing it easy to handle any problems you may come across when using their marketplace.

Big Cartel

Screen from Big Cartel

Big Cartel has been available for 14 years and in that time, they have helped artists exchange over $2.5 billion in creative work. They enable vendors to create their own store with many customizable features to realize its own experience as personal as possible.

The freedom they allow you to have with exchanging your work is everything a decorator could demand from a marketplace.

The Superpower of Community

One of the common weaves of each of the marketplaces above is their reliance on a community. The strong of these virtual residences, and the drive they develop, is what keeps them running. The stronger the community, the bigger potential audience you’ll find.

In that behavior, deciding where to sell your own work is just as much about deciding which society is the best shape as it is about profits. Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality options for just about every designer!

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