How To Create a Responsive Dropdown Navigation Using Only CSS

This tutorial used to guide you through generate a responsive dropdown navigation using CSS merely, with the help of CSS flexbox and the “checkbox hack”. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to follow along.

The top piloting forbid is vital for any website. Most of the sites have a same design for a dropdown piloting menu, but differ depending on their forms and implementation. Now is one implementation that can be used universally- since it is responsive and doesn’t need JavaScript to toggle the dropdown on mobile devices. Also, we use the “mobile-first” approach to build this. Now is what you will learn to create by the end of this tutorial.

CSS Responsive Dropdown Navigation

Desktop view - CSS Responsive Dropdown Navigation

Let’s get started.

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Mobile First

We will be following the “mobile-first” approach which involves designing a website starting with the mobile version first and then proceeding to design for big screens. Read more about why mobile-first approach is important in 2020.

Setting up

Create a space HTML document and mention it index.html. Add the basic HTML skeleton. If you use Visual Studio Code, all you need to do is type “! ” and touched enroll. You will end up with this.