How Going to a Marketing Conference Can Help Your Career

3 months ago, your best friend and I asked each other what had been the most impactful moment of our year even further. I had the fastest response: “Going to Traffic& Conversion Summit.”

Conferences had always felt out of my reaching. On average, they can run over $2,000, between ticket and housing, and I disbelieved that it was worth the price tag. So four years in a row I told myself, “Next year, I’ll buy the ticket. This year isn’t the one.”

What a mistake.

It took one event, T& C, to school me that I was choosing the more costly path. Conventions are like the steroids of your manufacture. They’re where everyone convenes to talk shop, and being a part of that exchange will change the trajectory of your career.

Speaker interacting with audience at Marketing Conference

After attending T& C, I saw the whole thing differently. I learned the top-performing copywriting and content writing gratuities. More importantly, I realized everything I was doing inaccurate in my freelancing business. I was preparing huge mistakes and then wondering why having a marketing business was so challenging.

I can confidently say I’m not the only person out of the 6,000 T& C attendees who walked away with a more profitable business…

In the 5 months since T& C 2019, I have 😛 TAGEND

Landed my first long-term contract Do my consumer loading from 8 clients to 3 top performers Doubled my business

And I can confidently say I’m not the only person out of the 6,000 T& C attendees who keep walking with a more profitable business.

Here are the 6 reasons why going to a powwow can help your job and career.

Rationale# 1: You’ll Watch the Best Marketers in the World, Market Themselves

This is something I didn’t realise until I sat in the audience and watched Billy Gene Shaw, Dean Graziosi, and Sunny Lenarduzzi speak. T& C doesn’t mess around. They only bring on top-tier presenters. I listened Jay Shetty talk about acquiring over a billion Facebook views, Ryan Deiss explain the future of marketing, and Rachel Hollis walk me through how she started her fandom( and highly motivated customer base ). I was in awe.

Jay Shetty on stage speaking at a marketing conference

I realized these parties, who I had just been ever seen online, has only just been regular people who worked hard, stood focused, and became an expert at their spacecraft. And now they were on stage, marketing themselves and their businesses.

And that intended I could be on that stage one day too.

I studied each show and then came to my second most significant conclusion from T& C.

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Reason# 2: You’ll Learn How to Convey Your Point

After attending your first consultation, you’ll experience a decoration. Some beings marketplace themselves well, and others go on rantings mid-presentation or can’t fairly figure out how to deliver the degree they’re making.

So I started taking notes beyond the strategies the speakers were illustrating. I questioned myself,

How are they wording their phase so it’s clear and concise? When did they say their point during their presentation( beginning, middle, mission )? What could they have removed that’s “fluff” information? How would I do a better activity of getting their level across?

I now has only one arsenal of data that tells me how to state my pitch, when to state it, and what doesn’t need to be said. Now, I can territory the long-term contract, I can explain why we need to do research before writing the imitate to my patients, and I can obligate beings understand my site without including 300 pointless commands to an article.

photo at a conference of speaker's presentation slide titled This procreated me a better purveyor for my services.

Rationalization# 3: You’ll Market Yourself as a Marketer

You’re showing that this isn’t merely your work; this is your commitment.

Put yourself in your paragon customer’s shoes. Who would you rather hire?

The person who gave “Digital Marketer” on their LinkedIn profile, or the one who is posting Instagram tales of their biggest takeaway from Day One of Traffic& Conversion Summit?

Which person seems more committed to their job as a marketer?

When consumers, peers, and social media partisans see that you’re attending industry affairs, you’re marketing yourself as a marketer. You’re doing exactly what all of the big names are doing on the Traffic& Conversion stage.

You’re showing that this isn’t really your job; this is your commitment.

The key to market yourself as a marketer is to make sure that you’re sharing your experience. If you notice, 100% of the T& C presenters shared that they were speaking on their social profiles. They do this by hiring a photographer/ videographer to grab b-roll of them, posting on their Instagram profile, and writing blog affixes about their experience.

Instagram post by Sunny Lenarduzzi talking about her experience speaking at a marketing conference

I wrote this article on Medium so that I could remind people after the occasion, and after my Instagram fibs had disappeared, that I wasn’t just marketer watching from the sidelines–I was committed to becoming part of the community.

And this was great for my digital presence and personal wellbeing.

Marketing Conference

Reason# 4 You’ll Learn That You’re Not the Only One Experiencing Your Pain Points

I don’t have study to back this up, but I’m pretty sure the moment another purveyor justifies word for word the problem that you’re having in your commerce exertions/ business you get a spike of oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that your mas generates when you’re socially bonding.

I want to bond with beings( all. day. long .) who understand what I represent when I say, “I payed them a 2-day turnaround and they eventually paid me 4 weeks later.”

There are only a select few who understand this pain, and those are the ones that I need to be around to increase my profession. When you realize that your peers have the same pain moments that you do, your problems become smaller. If you know that they’re still hustling through their sell contends, it’s like you transform into Hercules and are abruptly capable of overwhelm your biggest challenges.

When your challenges become smaller, you can move faster. When you move faster, you can sift through prospective clients to find the quality prospects.

Reason# 5: You Can Territory Buyers

You’re going to spend money getting yourself to a seminar, but you’re also going to make money. Guess who attends marketing meetings? People who need assistance marketing.

You’re going to spend money getting yourself to a convention, but you’re likewise going to make money.

Guess who can help them do that?


I territory 2 patrons while at T& C.

How, you ask?

After you buy your ticket and figure out your housing, buy business cards. Yes, we live in the digital world, but you need to have something definite to give people you satisfy while at the conference.

My strategy is to give people my business card and then ask what their Instagram name is. Your business card is there to compile you gape professional( “re saying you” don’t have one builds you look bad ). Adding them on Instagram stops you top of knowledge. This isn’t precisely an Instagram method either–choose your social network of choice.

If they don’t follow up right away, retain announcing your sell knowledge and evidences so you can show them that you know what you’re talking about. Your business card can get lost in the mix of all of the other placards and swag they’re getting during the conference. But your social media won’t.

The more prospective patrons “youre talking to”, the more you’ll find a lot is going on in your manufacture — a lot you didn’t know, and a lot you could be a part of.

Reasonablenes# 6: You’ll See New Opportunities

If you’ve never been to a meet before, you’re going to be blown away by things happening that you didn’t recognize were going on. Business partnerships( for millions of dollars ), sponsorships( for millions of dollars ), sell advertisement( like giving away hundreds of free works ), and even more.

When you consider fund moving, you recognize how much opportunity is open for you that you couldn’t understand because your coffee shop, coworking gap, or power can’t show you what’s going on in your industry. I can confidently say that if you haven’t attended a marketing conference more, you know about 5% of what’s going on in the marketing world.

It’s the conferences that will show you the rest.

photo of a

If I could go back in time, I would have bought air tickets to even the smallest sell affair that I could as soon as I started freelance emulate and content writing. Had I chosen to invest in my education and structure, I would have outperformed where I am in my business now. It made one commerce powwow for me to double my the enterprises and tract my biggest contract yet.

What would happen if I went to another?

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