Hot Reputation Marketing Tools

Do you feel that your business is lacking the exposure it needs to expand successfully and efficiently? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Kell Web Solutions, Inc. we can help promote exposure by providing branded video reviews or a custom mobile review kiosk that will help in expanding your business and taking it to the next level.

Customizable Product Review Kiosk

Our professional custom mobile review kiosk is an easy way for customers customers to leave reviews through their mobile phones which will automatically be posted to relevant websites such as Google or Yelp. These will help you get the authority you need to much in your field of work. The custom mobile review kiosk works seamlessly on Android or iPhone and it comes with complete support for 3 custom apps and 3 custom feedback pages for each app. Additionally, it enables you to create a promotional incentive for your customers, which will entice them to leave reviews and become repeat, loyal customers.

The custom mobile review kiosk is highly customizable and it allows you to modify anything from text to logo, colors or images. It seamlessly integrates within your branding efforts and it helps you grow as a company.

Video Review Commercial

Our branded video review commercial service was created to harness the power of videos in a professional way. The branded commercial will create interactions with your potential customers, so the text will be easily readable on the screen. By choosing our service, you will receive a lot more exposure through a video that not only helps you build your reputation, but it is also SEO optimized for customers to find your video on a Google search.

The commercials we create are shot in a professional studio, with green screen if preferred, we use a professional spokes model and cutting edge editing tools to provide an amazing 5 star review video that you can post anywhere from your own website to social medial, social bookmarking or video sharing sites.

Review Benefits

We bring three different reputation packages, each one suitable for different needs. From constant monitoring to marketing analytics, custom feedback page, review filtering, website review marketing, mobile review kiosk, video syndication and SEO optimization as well as a monthly video review, we provide all the marketing tools your company needs to grow and reach new customers easily.

With the help of these reputation marketing tools you will have the ability to get a better exposure and establish your brand as an authority in its field of work, so what are you waiting for? Call us at 877.278.9446 or visit today!