Help Your Community from Six Feet Away: Non-Marketing Tips from Mozzers

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For the last few weeks, you’ve probably experienced inflows of emails from corporations detailing how COVID-1 9 is affecting them and thus you, their client. It’s … a lot, isn’t it? So today, we want to take a departure from the world of “how this affects us” and focus instead on actionable things we can all do to perform things brighter for ourselves and our communities. This won’t be your regularly scheduled programming — we won’t be discussing SEO or marketing. Instead, we’re sharing ideas and advice from the tribes at Moz who’ve been finding ways to be aids as we all navigate this new normal.

Donate and patronize

For those who have continuous income during this period of financial mistrust, it’s more important than ever to support neighbourhood the enterprises and benevolent constitutions. Many employers, Moz included, volunteer charitable donation matching to make use of as well.

Food banks, shelters, and philanthropies

You can donate money or entitle local organizations( like homeless awnings, menu banks, and animal reliefs) to see what items they most need. Mozzers help find several inventive ways to contribute, including a super helpful spreadsheet of all the food banks in our arena shared by Britney Muller. A few of us have volunteered to be pet foster parent, and Skye Stewart has even seen neighbours turn their “little free libraries” into pantries for those in need!

Skye has read little free libraries furnished as pantries throughout the Wallingford and Fremont vicinities of Seattle. This one belongs to Clay and Elli Stricklin.

Blood banks

If you’re healthy and able, consider signing up to donate blood. The blood banks in our orbit have received so many voluntaries that they’re planning appointments weeks in advance — what a phenomenal demonstrate. Shipping epoches are likely impacted, though, so be understanding!

Order take-out

Local diners are changing to take-out and to-go order business poses. If you can’t start pick up food, apps like DoorDash and Grubhub are offering no-contact delivery options.

Grocery store

Stock up only with what you need for two or three weeks for yourself. You can also volunteer, like Mozzer Hayley Sherman, to reach grocery streams for at-risk friends or family.

Stand healthful

This sounds like a no-brainer — of course we’re all trying to stay healthy! But it has to be said, as now we have to be a bit more creative to keep up our healthful dress.

Online workouts

With recent endings, regional gyms and studios are offering online first-class. Have you ever wondered what a yoga or dance class is like via Zoom? A few of us at Moz have found out, and it’s obviously different — but likewise astonishingly fun — to connect with all the other students in this new way.

Walk or feed

We’ve been enjoying some unseasonable sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, moving it the perfect time to fight cabin fever with a go or run outside. Weather permitting, you can do the same! Just make sure to maintain social length from other baby-walkers and smugglers( even if they have a cute puppy with them — tough, we know ).


Meditation can help calm the feeling many of us might be feeling right now. Dr. Pete recommends the Ten Percent Happier app of providing assistance, and apps like Insight Timer and Calm have dozens of free musing options for you to choose from, too.

Keep snacking fruits and veggies

While it’s tempting to only stock up on non-perishable food like mac and cheese( I’m guilty of having various chests stored under my pantry) and are dependent upon augments or Emergen-C, fresh make is still one of my very best alternatives to get required vitamins and improve your immunity.

Go offline

Several of us at Moz have found it helpful to disconnect from the information cycle for a while every day, and we try to only pay attention to news from reputable beginnings. With so many tones in the conversation, this can be hard, which is why running offline can be so supportive.

Stay connected

Human connection remains important for maintaining morale and good humor, even if we can’t share the same physical opening.

Check in

Call parties you would normally hear regularly, and reach out to those you haven’t seen in awhile. Mozzers are staying connected by calling into morning coffee hangouts and virtual team lunches — it’s been great to see everyone’s smiling faces!

You might start a weekly virtual happy hour or journal society applying free video conferencing software like Google Hangouts or Skype, or planned some time to watch movies along with the brand-new Netflix Party extension.

Join online communities

Social media groups or apps like Nextdoor allow you to meet your neighbors, share memes, and check to see if anyone needs anything like a grocery extended, drug, or merely a virtual hug.

We’ve organized canals in our firm Slack for topics like parenting, wellness, gardening, and really general merriment. These groups are certainly helped accompanying illuminate and friendship to our shared situation. In the parenting canal, precisely, Moz parents have banded together to share resources and suggestions to help support each other in this new world of homeschooling.

Lean into empathy

We’re living through an remarkable experience, and one of the best things we can do is understand that sometimes, humen just need to be human. If you’re contributing a team that’s working from dwelling, you might find your employees preserving unconventional working hours with school shutdowns, stopped planneds, and technical difficulties. Flex your feeling muscle, and consider introducing adaptable policies that will reduce stress on your employees while fixing sure the production still gets done.

Let everyone know it’s okay to sign off during normal working hours to prioritize genealogy duration and child care. You can also schedule non-work-related check-ins, or build relaxation time into your schedules. Moz CEO Sarah Bird established all employees a “Take a Breather” day to give everyone time to relax, build when we’re feeling under the weather to rest and recuperate.

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