Green Marketing Tips for Small Business

Green Marketing Tips

Going green is all the rage these days so small businesses seek sustainable green marketing tips. How does a small business that conserves cash flow and struggles to win sales adopt sustainable green marketing practices?

According to D. Steven White, professor of marketing at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and interim director of its Sustainability Studies Program,“Green marketing for small businesses is really about introducing green products and adopting sustainable practices to differentiate yourself from your competitors,” White said. “Will that lead to more sales for a small business that creates innovative green strategies? Absolutely, it will. It’s a wide open, emerging area of marketing that small, nimble businesses can take advantage of much quicker than larger, bureaucracy-heavy corporations can.”

White offers three ways to get a small-business owner started in green marketing.

1. Tell your customers.

“It’s important that if you’re going to use green marketing strategies that you make it known to your customers,” White said. “For example, if you’re a PR or marketing agency, tell your customers about the impact of your print and digital media on the environment. Tell them that you use recycled paper and energy efficient equipment in your agency.

Answer the question — what is the carbon footprint of your agency’s promotional efforts? You can do this for just about any business.”

Green Marketing Revenue Generation:

2. Introduce a green product or service .

“Small businesses can add green products to their line or create or modify a service that emphasizes sustainability to differentiate themselves from their competitors,” White said. “Talk about how your new product or service is going to help the environment. This is something that will get you noticed in the marketplace.”

3. Partner with green organizations and use them as a resource.

“Commit to working with green organizations like the Green Products Innovation Institute or the Institute for Sustainable Communications,” White said. “You can also find organizations, colleges and universities in your local community. Use them as a resource.”

Profitable business blogging is an excellent way for small businesses to propagate their green marketing plan.

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Green Marketing for Small Business