Is Google Over? How Small Businesses Profit from Blogging

It’s true! Google and their AdWords money-generating juggernaut has produced fortunes. Some small businesses have profited with PPC advertising. Many large businesses with significant marketing budgets have also done well.

But the big winner is Google. Raking in the big bucks.

It seems the online advertising world is changing. Penned by Michael V. Copeland in Fortune magazine, 8/16/10, the cover story implies, “online search slowing and new competition looming, Google’s best days may be behind it.”

Kell Web Solutions, Inc. agrees. These are the days when small businesses are no longer throwing money down the PPC rat hole. These are the days when affordable small business website owners are blogging, creating a fan base, generating “free” targeted traffic, converting that traffic to new customers and watching their bank accounts grow. Effective blog posts that maximize quality, build incoming links and quickly achieve high Google ranking are created with the help of these inexpensive software:

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Here’s some timely tweets:

Google: The search party is over. I’m not sure I agree with this. Search just isn’t the only game in town anymore.

By davidbcummins at 08/05/2010 19:50

By TonySeruga at 08/05/2010 18:05

Here are 2 You Tube Video opposing opinions on this issue (first is parody, second is Google developers):

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