What to expect from Reputation Marketing

This is what your business expects from a Reputation Marketing System

  • A proprietary system that will keep an eye on your business reputation on a 24 hour/7 days basis. This system will send Alerts to you if any New Reviews are posted on the internet. The system will send Alerts throughout the year to enable you to counter any negative reviews from clients. What if you do not how to respond? There is no need to panic as we will guide you on the do’s and don’ts. We also avail to you response templates that are designed to handle any situation. In case you may need our assistance, we are available throughout as we are a call away.
  • Professionally designed promotional resources. We provide promotional postcards and business cards among other promotional materials. We can also help you create your personal online review service at your business premises.
  • A private webpage where clients can leave reviews without much effort. The webpage is designed in a way that it displays numerous Five Star Reviews!
  • Filtering-mechanism that allows good reviews only to be posted on the internet. The system filters and informs you of any bad reviews in a short duration. We promote your business image and reputation by posting good reviews on different websites on the internet. We also post some to our webpage to refer customers to your business.
  • We design, create and optimize websites for you if don’t have one. We only require some few details from your business.
  • Expert training package. We train and equip you and your staff with the best skills tailored only for your business. We provide training resources to you and your employees at all times or when required. All employees are tested at the end of each training session and the results presented to you.
  • We also re-test employees if requested or when need arises. The re-test is important in determining the employees who need assistance and in which training areas. However, the employees are required to go through the applicable fields of training before a re-test. In any case, it is your employees who have a huge responsibility to play to ensure Your Business flourishes. It is our responsibility to COVER ALL these areas!


Business Reputation Marketing We are professionals who consider your business success our responsibility. It is a great honor to help your business succeed by helping to you to build a Five Star Reputation and to open it to massive growth opportunities. Our reputation marketing team will always consult you to make sure your best interests are given priority in any actions or recommendations we may offer. “Our Promise” is to consult you before making any modification on your business.

We are determined to help as many people and businesses to grow in order to change the world. We have worked tirelessly to ensure your business succeed by creating the best Business Reputation Marketing System. No other company can rival the system we have developed for your business to ”Achieve and Maintain” that precious Five Star Reputation.

Kell Web Solutions is aware of the efforts, resources and time required to build a successful business with reputation marketing. Since we have worked extra hard and sacrificed just like you, we are simply the BEST OPTION since our systems and skills can prove that. Give us the opportunity and honor of developing a system that meets and satisfies your business needs thereby ensuring your business succeeds.

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