Effective Small Business Website Metatag Tips

OK, so we’ve got an affordable website but when do customers start calling us to buy our services? How can we sell more products?

Many website owners are much less fluent in effective search engine optimization techniques. Small business owners expect results, not the “wizard behind the curtain” mumbo-jumbo of many SEO professionals.

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One of many factors common to a successful small business website is meta tags. First, a website must be found by a search engine spider in order for a search engine to catalog the web pages then index the website in the search engine directory listing. In other words, the search engine has to know that the website exists. A link from a trusted website to a new website will help it get discovered. Then, meta tags inform the web crawlers and web robots of the keywords that search engines users may use to find the website. Due to these facts, you have to be precise and specific with your meta tags – especially the title tags.

Affordable Website Meta Tag Tips

One of the worst mistakes you can make with your meta tags is to include every keyword you can think of. If you have too many meta tags in the HTML code, the spiders may perceive the site as a spammy. As a result, the website will appear very, very low in the search engine results – if it appears at all!

In order to remedy this problem, limit the number of keywords you put in your meta tags. Stick with one specific subject and avoid including unimportant keywords.

Affordable Website Meta tag tips