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How can a small business website owner have SEO Success and win the search engine wars? When establishing a web-based campaign you are able to benefit from affordable link building tasks like the possibility of writing a hundred word posts. This you might or may well not should do; you will need it for maybe more competitive niches. You do not need to do it for every website design that you launch.

There is a series of networks that have opened up, very similar to blog networks. The only difference is some of these networks what they’re actually doing is going out and purchasing expired domain names that have very high page rank. Domain names are dropping off all the time and these domain names may have had excellent SEO value. There is an opportunity sometimes if someone doesn’t renew it, you can snap up a bargain. These guys are building up networks within those sites, at least Linkvana is, and they’re building up these networks of high page rank blog networks as one of their link building strategies.

The real difference is, as opposed to it getting sent on the huge network, you submit an article just once and it will get published through one blog, but it is going to a high PR site so you will get fewer links but usually they are allowed to be of top quality. I am talking about twenty inbound links. Comparing that to something like a blog network, ultimately by submitting ten articles, we take the same spun version and that we drop it into the 3. You can decide to increase the number of articles to submit to blog networks over time.

We post these hundred word posts to the three different networks, and we are getting tons of inbound links. You need to make sure that you have that balance right because there’s a strong possibility that a few of these networks, less the Portal Feeder, but maybe the Linkvana network might not be as separated as they should probably be. I’m wondering if they’re on a single IP address.

For that reason, you’re only going to get twenty links out of doing this affordable link building method. This is all offset by all of the other links that you’re building for the website as well, just so you don’t raise any flags that you’re sending a whole lot of links from one very small network. I’d probably send ten of your links through to your money pages, and by money pages I mean pages that you’re trying to rank which are those internal pages and home pages and then maybe ten to your EzineArticles as well. You’re just trying to build up those mini authorities.

Linkvana is but one network and Portal Feeder is an additional one. That’s along with their network. It is possible to submit the total article. They’ve got these little hundred word posts and Article Blueprint is another one we’re testing as well. This is the system that I use to rate my websites.

That’s wave 1. We go ahead and accomplish that on every site and I’ll follow these affordable link building strategies: know thyself and picking out your strategy, ensure you funnel your attention in to the pages that you want to rate. We all do that on every site. That’s standard, yes, what are the results. Then we go can go back and analyze the final results according to what are the results there.

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