Don’t miss this live Q&A with Scott Brinker! Get your martech questions answered.

Customer apprehensions are rising … and sell technology — martech — is the key to meeting and outstripping those expects. Really, market has become a digital profession that is indistinguishably intertwined with and supported by marketing technology.

In short: Martech is selling.

Bring your big-picture questions about this forceful and vital concept to a no holds barred Q& A webinar with moderator Jen Cannon (@ jenvidetta ), MarTech Today senior editor, and special patron Scott Brinker (@ chiefmartec ), The MarTech Conference chair. Tendency, concerns, more efficient and worst patterns — it’s all fair game for the armchair psychoanalyst who’s plotted the rise of the martech industry for over ten years.

You can send in a question when signing up, or throw one in the stimulation of the moment during the webinar. Either way — this will be one lively communication you won’t want to miss. Register today for “Martech is Marketing: A Live Q& A with Scott Brinker ,” was supported by The MarTech Conference.

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