Designing a website – Episode 1: Planning & site map!


– howdy, every body, and welcome to a new series on my YouTube channel. This series is going to be documenting the process of me redesigning, rebuilding my website from the very start to the very end when it launches. I did originally think about doing this multi function video just as like an overview of how I built it, at the end, when finally that happens, but I suppose like i’ll be in a position to exhibit you extra of my approach along the way in which if i’m doing this video in chunks for like every a part of the process. You’re gonna be capable to peer more in-depth how I work, and, yeah, simply get more of that at the back of-the-scenes, and confidently extra learning as good, so. I am hoping that sounds excellent to you. In ultra-modern video, the first in the sequence, we’re gonna dive in with the planning section. Planning the website online map, planning what pages I ought to design.This is a particularly main a part of the method. It’s possibly now not the funnest part of the process cause it is not when you are, like, arranging pixels on the page and doing cool designs. It is plenty of the pondering and the planning that goes into it, formerly. Earlier than you get to those levels, however I believe it’s just as primary, and it is simply as most important so that you can see, so, i am excited to devise together with you at present.I’ve bought my iPad, got my Apple Pencil, and let’s get going. First off, let’s take a appear at my current website as it stands, i assume? So this was designed again in… I cannot remember now if it was once 2014 or 2015, however I simply know that it was a even as ago. And so the design wishes some updating. I’ve modified my branding given that then, slightly, and also this internet site just does not fairly match to my desires anymore? It doesn’t rather match what i want from a website? I used to jot down beautiful customarily on a blog, as well, on my old website. Not in the past year or so, but, earlier than then, I was once. I’ve made up our minds that i am now not going to be porting this blog over to my new internet site. Which, incidentally, i’m gonna be constructing in Webflow. I suppose it can be more of a visible strategy to construct a website so you don’t sincerely have to recognize find out how to code it from scratch to be able to make it in Webflow.And they have a quite exceptional CMS as good, it seems rather strong, so, i am excited to take a look at that out. My current internet site is built in WordPress, and they do have a technique that you may, like, carry all your WordPress posts over to Webflow, however, I’ve simply made up our minds i am not gonna trouble. I’m gonna, like, depart those prior to now. There is a few posts that I might transport over to my new blog that i’m gonna do, which i’m going to get into in a second, but yeah.For probably the most phase, this website online is going to be entirely revamped. I would like my new web site to be a bit bit extra flexible. I would like it to do a number of more things, as well. The very first thing is i need it to be my content material hub. This used to be sort of my concept for the earlier one, but it surely did not quite prove that means. It used to be most commonly just the weblog posts and links to my contemporary on the dwelling web page, but I want to be ready to have my movies on there, podcasts on there, blog posts on there, and all be searchable collectively so that if you wish to study about a certain subject, I will be equipped to have a page for that with like, this video, this weblog submit, oh and this podcast that you just will have to take heed to, on the subject. So yeah, the first thing is bringing all my content together, intent right now it’s only all separated out. The second thing is, undoubtedly, because i am a clothier, I have got to have my portfolio on my website, and it can be no longer only my design work that I wish to have a new portfolio, I additionally wish to have like a speaker’s page.Like a portfolio of my public speaking and workshop efforts to check out and attract extra of that. I am also planning on opening to web publication again, as I alluded to before, however this time on a quite one-of-a-kind subject. I relatively need to write about the behind-the-scenes of my business. So, posts about, like, what it can be wish to start up an LLC, and working with an accountant, income reports, probably, something i’m pondering of doing. These things I think do not specifically match with my YouTube channel, which is more design-targeted, however they are still matters I want to put available in the market. So, I consider like writing about them shall be a excellent match. So on the way to go on my new internet site. After which, ultimately, ultimately I want to bring a retailer into this internet site. Right now, my online retailer is on a separate platform. It’s a completely unique manufacturer, as good, but, at some point I want to deliver that in, and, have it multi function space. I am not going to fear about that for now, nonetheless. So, we’re simply gonna focal point on, yeah, the content and portfolio facet of things.So, with that in mind, let’s start planning. And the first thing i am gonna do is write down on this page, definitely, i’m gonna write content material or hire me. Rationale this is the 2 frames of intellect of, like, what folks are looking to do after they come to my internet site, as I see it. They may be both looking for content material, to learn about some thing from me, or they’re, like, all in favour of hiring me for a specified factor. With those in mind, let’s begin planning what pages i am gonna need as part of the site. The primary one is absolutely a home page. I believe like i am gonna want a page that’s, like, a content material hub.So i am simply gonna write content material. That’ll be, perhaps that’ll be some classes listed, and like, prompt to you. Just about like the playlist that i’ve on my YouTube channel, however as a substitute of just being videos, there’ll be blogs and podcasts as good. And then, as a part of content, i am also going to want three one of a kind templates, truly. I will want audio, video, and written. I am certain you are questioning proper now how I grew to be a designer once I can not even draw a box neatly, but, hello. That is how it works. I am also going to want my portfolio. And in that i am going to have, like, an man or woman project. Absolutely i will desire a template for that, as good. Gonna add my speaking web page in right here as good that I mentioned. Then there will be the fundamentals, that’s like, an about web page, and a contact web page, too, usually. Without a doubt, as part of contact, it could be a good idea for me to have a kind on my internet site for my portfolio review sequence I believe.Proper now my instructional materials are so that you can e mail me with a distinct discipline line and include the information, you already know, to ensure that me to review your portfolio in that sequence that I do on YouTube? But, not everyone makes use of the right field line, so it would not go into, like, the correct folder in my inbox, and now not every body gives the entire knowledge that i need as good. So, I consider having some kind of type on my internet site, the place you can simply fill in your small print and publish that, will make the entire procedure lots less difficult for all people worried. A web page that is relatively tremendously-visited on my website at the second, because of a video that’s really widespread is where you can down load my reveal printing guide.Essentially it just has the video and a form and that’s the place you get the advisor despatched to you. So quite a lot of persons come over from that video. I inspiration about having that web page as a part of this new website, but what I consider i’m in reality going to do is have reveal printing as a class in my content, right here, so it is going to be, like, part of this? And, that method the shape can be on that page for you to down load, and in addition see any, like, movies or web publication posts, or some thing that I’ve written about reveal printing too. So, truely, as a part of this, form of in between right here, I should also put… I’m just gonna add it next to it anyway. Like a class web page? Content web page is, like, the home of the entire content material, and then a class page is that playlist, I feel, where it is the audio, video, written. Thinking extra about this contact page, too.I consider i am also going to have, like, a contract kind submission, so, if there may be a assignment that you’re occupied with me working on with you, which you could fill this out with, like, knowledge in regards to the mission. I am also going to need, like, a plain page template that i can pull out each time I need to for giveaways. That is whatever that I cherish to do in the core of logs, from time to time, it can be just, throw up a giveaway. And to try this, I get persons to fill in a form so that i can, like, prefer the winner randomly from there.So, yeah. Undeniable page that i will be able to just duplicate at any time when and make a new giveaway might be particularly precious. Desirous about what else is on my current website that I would wish to bring over. The one web page that I fairly am not on the grounds that, here, and not including in, is my publication web page. So, I simply have a web page about signing up for my newsletter. I don’t feel i am gonna do this, considering the fact that, to be sincere, i have not been super commonplace with sending out a newsletter, nowadays, and that i believe as an alternative of having newsletters, like, the reason for persons to sign up, I as an alternative would as a substitute have a kind on each and every content material category web page that they are able to fill in there to get a targeted, I have no idea, PDF opt-in, something or different that i’m going to create.After which they may, they can get emails about that exact topic, regularly, and they’re going to also be added to my list, if I do ship a e-newsletter. I consider that’ll be a greater manner of going about it than having a dedicated e-newsletter web page. I consider I should relatively transfer this. I have no idea the best way to move things on this app, so i am simply gonna erase it and write it once more. However I consider home should be seen as specially of those other things. Considering my house page will be the hub of everything. Might be some things is not going to be related to dwelling, like, i am gonna, definitely cast off giveaways from that. But, the whole thing else, I feel, shall be coming from the residence web page, and the dwelling page might be designed to guide you into the right factor.With these two things in intellect, in detailed: content material, or hiring me, because the primary thing that you’re looking for. So that’ll be the primary decision that I make any person make. (laughs) Make any person make once they come onto this page. It is form of like that is the content stuff, that is the hiring me stuff, and these two pages are sort of fitting with each. Now this looks like a variety of work, proper? Like that is a number of pages that I ought to design.So, to begin with, to stop me from getting overwhelmed, first i am genuinely going to simply do an MVP of my homepage. So it is not going to have all of these sub pages. It’ll simply be a homepage that hyperlinks off to more than a few matters. So, it needs to hyperlink off to my YouTube, social media, I believe I will not have a contact kind even on it, to start with, i’m going to simply have my e-mail address, bio, and, perhaps in location of constructing out a full portfolio, i’ll have a link to my Dribbble on there and i’ll make sure I update that a little bit, rationale that’s additionally some thing i don’t do very quite often.So this manner, people will get entry to my content material, they will recognize how you can contact me, they are going to study just a little about me, and spot a bit of my work. But with out me having to position in all of the work of doing all these extra pages, simply but. So that means i will get my new site, like, up and going for walks. In designing this page, i suppose i will be capable to develop a design method for it, and sort of like a brand for my website as well that’ll make it less difficult to design these other pages.And, simply most commonly, I suppose it should be a just right begin to the undertaking. (laughs) So that’s my very messy plan for my internet site. It’s pretty easy, but, it’s particularly just right to try this fascinated with what you would need, rather than getting midway by way of, like, opening after which , the project maintains expanding from there. Above all this piece of deciding what humans are going to be coming to your website for, I feel is fairly fundamental to get down. So, you probably have a website challenge that you’re engaged on, I quite motivate you to try this step first, just to figure out exactly what pages are wanted. If you are working with a customer, you’re gonna have got to do that, anyway, to scope out the undertaking and the way much design work is gonna be involved for you. Nevertheless it also simply rather helps me to look it, and to grasp what work is coming, and i will be capable to, like, deal with these part-via-part, I consider.Hope you located this fascinating to peer, anyway, and that was once useful come what may to you. And that you are excited, too, about this new sequence of mine, redesigning my website. I’m very occupied with it, and i’ve been speaking about it for a very long time, and i consider that making movies about it’s going to absolutely, eventually, help me get it performed, when you consider that i’m gonna have you ever to keep me dependable. All right? (giggles) that’s it for now. Give it a thumbs up should you loved it. Thanks for gazing, and, i’m going to see you within the next one.And, i suppose the next video would be the wireframing and most likely design of this MVP homepage. So, looking forward to seeing you then. Bye. .