Dennis Yu’s 2021 Prediction: The Future of Facebook

I have a prediction.

In 2021, Facebook is going to get busted up like Ma Bell( with Instagram and WhatsApp spun off on their own ). The ensuing exodus of sad advertisers will abscond into the willing arms of TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and good old-time SEO.

And the smart purveyors will repurpose material in a few clever modes we’ll discuss here.

See, Facebook wasted $10.5 billion in law fees alone in 2019. Still a fraction of $ 70 billion in ad income they deserved, from which they made $18.4 billion in net profit. They seemed invincible.

Until they weren’t.

Unable to address mounting issues with content moderation, the authorities concerned considers Facebook like a publisher( The New York Times ), not a engineering company that allows social blogging( WordPress ).

In 2021, I predict it all comes hurtling down. Mister” Senator, we range ads” cannot rotate Apple as evil and Facebook as the protection of small businesses. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, has sincerely stated they will automate instead of hiring more humane to provide support.Marketers will take the content they’ve constructed for Facebook and repurpose it to all the other paths. Turns out, short-form horizontal video is a common ingredient, even on YouTube( look at the YouTube shorts format ).

To test this, I had virtual deputies make most of my Facebook posts and turn them into blog poles. Behold, this has generated 7,000 brand-new sees in the last three months with zero additional exertion by me.

My blog now has 1,488 pages.

Tell me–when was the last time you find a Facebook post in Google search results?

About as often as Google search results picture up in the Facebook newsfeed–or as often as the CEO of Honda drives a Toyota.

HACK# 1: Post Social Media Content on Your Site( and Vice Versa)

The lives of examine and social are invisible to each other. So, Hack# 1 is to copy content from one life and berth it in another. There are WordPress plug-ins to do this automatically, but I like to be choosy about page deeds, which are as important as the clause itself.

This is not the same as trend-jacking the top Reddit legends into Facebook or syndicating word content.

Because this is your content and because it won’t trigger a repeat content sanction on Google. Remember, anything on the web that is easily conspicuous to Google isn’t something to replica, and that isn’t limited to blog posts and web pages–the engine is smart enough to turn most video into text( witness YouTube’s automatic captioning ).

Take my friend Kaci Madden, a San Diego chiropractor, as an example. She started opening up $ 100 invoices across regional restaurants. The neighbourhood TV station affixed about it on their Facebook page.

But the Tv depot likewise announced it to their website, so this is not something you want to cross-post. The information depot has a Domain Rank of 81, while she has only a 32 DR–so guess who are capable of get slammed with a SEO duplicate content penalty?

HACK# 2: Cross-Post to Twitter, the Internet’s Favorite Dumping Ground.

When you post on most social networks, they let you automatically post to Twitter at the same time. Instagram is my favorite in this regard, since I can cross-post to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. And I can boost all 3 of these arising berths! Twitter purists will frown upon this( purveyors ruin everything, I know )– but look at the 14,000 tweets on my account…

How many of them do you think I actually posted natively on Twitter versus automatically cross-posting from another canal?

HACK# 3: Turn Video Transcription into a Blog Post

You can tape via,’s integration with Frame, Descript, or whatever tool is your favorite.I happen to like Descript because it has a feature announced Overdub, which allows you to edit/ add to the audio of a video.

Facebook disseminated social video( not Snapchat, YouTube, or Instagram ). But because they were too proud and smirked at the government regulation, they get regulated in 2021.

Savvy marketers like us, who don’t want to get caught with all our eggs in one basket, will repurpose those resources into other canals.

You’ll see more automation and a continuation of the oversaturated marketing implements infinite. But the real champions are tribes who grow thoughtful short-form vertical video and have VAs edit, cross-post, and boost to drive more sales.

And this work is going to be on you, the marketer. Automation isn’t at the point of being able to chop up your long-form, 30 -minute video( represented for YouTube) into one minute 4:3 Facebook posts, 15 second Instagram narrations, quote posters on Twitter, or blog announces on your locate.

Automation cannot write your headline or ad forgery quite more. So it’s up to you to prepare for the Facebook split I see coming. And you can use these 3 spoofs to get ready.

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