Custom Website Design Strategies

Custom Website Design Strategies

Fact: Creating a high quality custom website design that generates sales, new customers and ultimately profits is challenging. Many small business owners seek out the assistance of an affordable website design company.

Some small business owners are just looking for guidance. Following are five good custom website design strategies:

  • Attractive Design and appearance :

A small business custom website design is your firm’s image on the Web. One goal is to create a branded image. In order for cyber surfers to recognize the brand name and product, branding is very important. You need to have uniform branding from the letterhead and business card to the website and everything in between. Any custom website design must integrate a log, a brand image and company colors into the colors of the custom website design.

  • Simple Navigation:

Here’s a basic rule of profitable custom website design: “Don’t make me think.” Simplicity in the site and it’s navigation is quite important. Whenever a custom website design is created for a small business, one of the priorities of the design needs to be navigation. A website is no good if a user finds navigation difficult. Small business owners of a custom website design want users who visit the site to easily surf around the site, read the relevant content and maybe buy something. At minimum, the custom website design must make it easy for targeted visitors to contact the small business owner. If the custom website design is confusing and hard to get around they will leave and never return.

  • Quick Load time:

Flashy custom website design that is full of animation or large graphics is definitely not the way to go for a profitable business website. Not everyone that visits your site will be using a high speed Internet connection and a custom website design that is full of Flash animation and large graphics will take too long to load. Many visitors will simply move on rather than wait for the page to load. Any custom website design should be simple and clean with minim Flash – only in the form of an animated header.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

Profitable custom website designs today must have top Google ranking. If a professional custom website design company is engaged to craft the website, the project should include the following elements:

  1. Affordable SEO with a link popularity campaign
  2. Free SEO Analysis
  3. Profitable Business Blogging
  • Functionality

If the custom website design is built for an affordable commerce website then it’s critical that cash will flow to the small business owner when users shop online. This means the shopping cart and payment processing systems must integrate seamlessly into the site. The shopping cart and the check out process should be tested and re-tested before the launch of the site.

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