Custom Website Design Stages

Custom Website Design

With the proliferation of small business websites and the need to generate ROI for small business owners an affordable custom website design is required. Following is an outline of the typical stages of a successful custom website design for a small business website.

Custom Website Design Stages

Stage One: Needs Analysis

Focus on the needs/problems of the target market or customers sought by the custom website design. First research information about and seek to understand the problems faced or needs of prospective clients. In this stage of the custom website design process, significant research must be completed to understand the target market. If the custom website design team invests time up front to understand their audience, there’s a much higher probability that the target audience can be attracted and converted to loyal customers.

Stage Two: Project Scope Definition

This is the portion of the custom website design process where well defined goals and objectives are defined. Clarifying the expectations of the small business website owner including time frame to completion, number of pages, color scheme preferred and value proposition is critical. Performance during this stage can lay a solid foundation for future success of the custom website design.

Stage Three: Custom Website Design

Once the target market is researched and the project scope of the custom website design project is well defined, it’s time to commence the design stage. To successfully complete this portion of the custom website design project, professional website designers will generate creative and high impact custom website designs. Typically two or more demo alternatives of the final custom website design are crafted to provide alternatives to consider.

Stage Four: Custom Website Design Coding

Once the custom website design has been approved, it’s time to begin coding the website. This is where HTML pages are created with a cohesive internal linking structure. It’s very important that the custom website design be built so that affordable Search Engine Optimization can yield Top Google Ranking.

Stage Five: Website Testing

Adequate testing is critical before the custom website design goes live. If any bugs or issues are found, they must be immediately fixed. During testing phase, the website is also tested for compatibility with various operating systems and web browsers.

Stage Six: Success!

When a small business website owner, in collaboration with a professional custom website design team, follows these stages the probability of success (measured in ROI and happy clients) is very high.

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