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Experts discover that online visitors can only wait for 8 to 10 seconds for the page they are requesting to download. A few seconds delay is forgivable though. But to keep Internet users waiting for more than 30 seconds without any feedback, online businesses can kiss goodbye to their niche market as well as to their profits. A quality custom website design can captivate users.

Speed is not only important in the perceived ease of usability of a particular website, but it also correlate in ranking high in several search engines. The connection lies in how online businesses with a custom website design make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Affordable SEO is simply the process of improving a custom website design visibility level by getting listed in the search engine’s topmost results. There are two types of search engines: the paid ones and the organic. Majority of online businesses choose the latter. As a result, ranking on top of search engines results have become a very difficult task. One sure fire process for online success is ongoing effort with proven link building tactics.

But of course every challenge has a corresponding solution, right? Indeed, IT specialists have developed various ways that commercial enterprises can choose from to meet their different marketing needs. Businesses are therefore expected to hire the service of SEO companies to do the following ways that have been proven effective in improving a custom website design ranking:

1. Create unique, compelling and relevant keyword-rich content

2. Post the content on a well-designed web page

3. Place multiple back links from credible and authoritative sites

4. Regularly update the content

Organic search engines make use of software called spider to easily determine the words or phrases that are pertinent to a particular website. These key words and phrases will then be compiled for indexing.

In indexing, spiders also analyze how relevant HTML tags are. Businesses therefore have to use tags – in the form of HTML title, description and keyword – that are significant to the purpose of their custom website design.

Of course, it does make sense to integrate keywords in the content of the web page. Search engine spiders identify keywords not only on the basis of the frequency of their appearance but also on how they are used in a meaningful context.

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