How to Create a Review Strategy

The online reviewing system and corresponding review strategy has changed quite a lot in the last few years. Some websites use the 5 star review, other use the decimal system so people tend to get a little confused. What we do know is that customers do not trust companies or products that have under 7-10 reviews because they think that the product might be experimental and not something mainstream. While some people tend to trying products with no reviews, the majority of people definitely think that without a good number of reviews, the product/company is not worth the time or money.

This is why each company requires a fast and reliable way to receive more reviews that will appear in the seemingly infinite number of online directories to they can start receiving new clients. But How?! Try these strategies yourself, and reap the extension of your client base.

  • Mobile Review Kiosk

One of the best ways to create a review strategy is to use the mobile review kiosk to elicit 5 star reviews from the current customers. What makes this the best type of strategy is that you will receive positive reviews from your current customers through an intuitive interface provided by the kiosk app. This way you will see how much your current customers care about your products and company as you entice them to help you.

  • Branded Review Commercial

Another great method to enhance the review process is to design two or more branded review commercials that are specifically created with the client name and publish them to YouTube. This way you will get all the exposure you need for the target client, since YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. Creating a social media website for the client and posting the commercial there also helps. Post a message on your social media page to encourage the users visit the newly created page as well as generate some traffic for the client.

  • Review Postcards

One method that some may think no longer work, yet still is very powerful is to create a professionally designed review postcard that will send a customer to a mobile review site and successfully collect the customer reviews. The reason postcards gain a greater reply rate than in the past is because receiving a postcard is something quite unusual in today’s society brimming with technological achievements. No one uses the simple direct mail method anymore, so people that receive it will more likely answer back without so much other junk mail.

  • Business Cards

The same review strategy can be applied to giving out branded business cards, as these will show the potential customers that your client’s brand is important and established, so the reviews are from your real customers and your business is definitely worth their time and money.

  • Email Campaign

Furthermore, there’s the classical email campaign that is designed to generate as many leads as possible for the client. Creating a professional and unique email template is the best way to gain attention, otherwise people will take the message as spam and not read it. This is why you need to be creative, add the target keywords for your client in the message as well as make the subject of the email stand out and the design of the email professional yet unique.

In the end, it comes up to you to select the best review strategy, but the methods presented above are the best ones to achieve that goal. Remember that in order to gain the attention of the customers the message needs to be short, yet interesting and appealing to potential customers, otherwise all effort will be in vain.

The Very Best Review Strategy

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