Create a Private Review Page to Collect Reviews from Customers

Create a Private Review Page to Collect Reviews from Customers

People love to share their outstanding experiences with certain products or services, and in today’s tech generation, they post their own stories online within reviews. These provide anyone with a great way to find extra opinions of products within the online market, but also about companies in general. As a company, you would love to see amazing feedback, but is there a way to keep all these reviews under control?
Unfortunately, the answer to this is no without being fraudulent.
The problem is, some companies have defrauded their competitors by leaving nasty comments!
However, this type of problem can easily be combated though by creating a private review page for the client in which all the bad reviews can be collected and stored. Such a service is imperative because you will immediately receive a notification when the reviews are received, so you as well as your staff can easily address them much faster.

It is crucial to ensure that you find these negative reviews on time and collect them so no one will have the opportunity to access their content. Negative reviews contribute to a loss of demand which leads to lots of problems for businesses, including a decreased income or image problem.
The best way to counteract this type of problem is to use a Mobile Review Kiosk that makes it easy to elicit the 5 star reviews from current customers. Your current customers would love to post great reviews if you make sure they are happy with your product which helps you counteract the negative reviews. Of course, one of the best methods to deal with those negative reviews is to securely develop a private review page which you will use to store all the negative as well as positive reviews from online customers. Once that is done, you should try and develop a unique process for filtering the reviews and sending them to the manager so he can see what needs to be done in order to improve the services/products or the image of the company.
Negative reviews can come from people that are unhappy with your product, but also from others that want to cause harm to your company, such as the competition for example. This is why it’s crucial to create a database containing all reviews and keep only the good ones afloat. Making sure that people know the high quality of your products is crucial so removing bad reviews will help you in getting more sales and improving the image of your company.
The most efficient way to promote your amazing service is to create an automated process that will post 5 star reviews online on various targeted business directory sites in your local area. This is especially useful if you are running a business locally. If you run an online business, then go with the online directories as they will give you the same results.
In conclusion, creating a private page to collect reviews can help you improve or keep the desired image for your company, which will drive consumers to try your 5-star business!

Professional Review Page

A private review page for your company will do wonders from a marketing standpoint, so if you want professional help in creating one then call us at 877.278.9446 or visit Kell Web Solutions for more information!

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