Celebrating Juneteenth: Resources to Help You Honor the Holiday

This year at DigitalMarketer, we decided to mark Juneteenth as an official company holiday in support of our Black employees who support us day in and day out. That said, while we’re taking today, June 19, to rest, spend time with our families/ loved ones, and develop ourselves about the importance of this vacation, we wanted to share some valuable aids. We’ve discovered these both useful and actionable as we’ve wandered to greater understanding and reflection of our country’s past.


If this is the first time you’ve heard of Juneteenth, it may be because the holiday began in Texas. Despite the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, enslaved beings in Texas weren’t actually freed until federal armies arrived to enforce the order two years later, on June 19, 1865. Today, Juneteenth is celebrated across the country as the end of slavery in the United Country. There’s, of course, greater autobiography in and around this observance, and these resources are a great place to start.


12 Things You Might Not Know About Juneteenth

The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth

Recognizing the Holiday

While this holiday started in South Texas, it is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide. Many cities and nations have given the holiday an official status, and there are several applications to clear Juneteenth a national holiday.

States That Officially Recognize Juneteenth

BLM Petition to Have Juneteenth Recognized as a National Holiday

Change.org Petition to Have Juneteenth Recognized as a National Holiday


Nicole A. Taylor is a food writer and cookbook scribe who carefully curated such lists of recipes in revelry of Juneteenth. It’s hard to keep your mouth from watering when you receive some of her selections, but it’s the tradition and symbolize behind each of these recipes that’s most important. So really be reminded that when you appoint some of these unforgettable saucers to likewise pay homage to their origin.


https :// cooking.nytimes.com/ 6886169 2-nyt-cooking/ 2423245 7-juneteenth-recipes-curated-by-nicole-taylor


We hope that everyone trains themselves on the importance of this holiday. As a number of countries, we’ve made some strides( particularly in the last few weeks) and though we still have a very long way to go, we encourage you to honor the spirit of the holiday and experience the festivals. And if you are looking for a nature to virtually celebrate Juneteenth, we procured a few fun events( all online) you can look into!

Juneteenth Live Streaming Music Festival

More Virtual Activities

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Most class don’t learn about Juneteenth and there are not that many children’s diaries on the vacation. Even fewer truly capture the great importance, record, and context. Vaunda Micheaux Nelson’s book, Juneteenth, is a must-read for children( and adults alike ). We are so excited and honored to share that we will be hosting Vaunda make a construe of her volume on our IGTV tomorrow. Please join us and bring the minors! This book is geared towards senilities 7 and up. Due to the gaps in education around the holiday, we are sure countless adults will learn just as much as the minors. We truly appreciate this particular title because it equips important situation around slavery and the civil combat, as well as the significance of certain aspects of the celebration today. We will post to IGTV and the recording will remain there so no need to tune it at any specific time. Special thanks to Vaunda for sharing her tale with us and special thanks to the publisher, @lernerbooks for allowing us to share the reading on our canals. Examining forward to tuning in with you all tomorrow! #Juneteenth #TeachersOfInstagram #BlackHistory #AmericanHistory #BlackLivesMatter #Storytime

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