Your Businesses Reputation

Business Reputation Categories

The 4 types of business reputation – which are you?

  1. Bad reputation
  2. No reputation
  3. Fair to Good reputation
  4. 5- Star reputation

A 5-Star Reputation

5 Star ReputationAs earlier noted, a business reputation is the foundation of your business. Attaining awesome five star reviews entail developing and managing your business reputation year-round. The marketing facet of your reputation is like an “Open house” for friends and family members to see the outstanding service or products your business provides. Those amazing five star reviews are always on constant display just like a group of marketers on auto-pilot. With a 5 Star Reputation, customers will see your stars and have confidence in your services.

No Reviews

For those who think having No Reviews is fine, they should reconsider that thought. Businesses without a review create a bad image that may portray your business as new, as a failed business, or a business without any clients.

Good Reputation

For those who think they have a good reputation, here is the shock. One client can destroy your business reputation from good to bad. This is because local business directories and other sites that review businesses post the latest reviews at the top of the review list. Even though there may be 9 excellent reviews below the bad one on the list, the bad review will stick to the minds of the potential clients. Business reputation is the heart of a business and requires constant monitoring and management.

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